Easy & Fun Summer Fundraising Ideas for Little League Teams

Summer is the perfect time to organize little league fundraisers that not only generate much-needed financial support but also foster a sense of community and team spirit.

Today we’ll explore easy summer fundraising ideas tailored for little league teams or any community group looking to raise funds quickly.

These fun ideas will help teams raise funds while also creating memorable experiences for players, families, and supporters.

Team-Sponsored Movie Night

Transform a local park or the team’s field into an outdoor movie theater for a team-sponsored movie night.

Rent a large screen, set up comfortable seating options like blankets or lawn chairs, and offer concessions like popcorn, snacks, and beverages for sale.

Charge an entry fee for attendees and create a festive atmosphere with team banners and decorations. Choose family-friendly movies that appeal to a wide audience.

This event not only raises funds but also provides an opportunity for families and community members to come together and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Car Wash Event

Organizing a car wash event is a classic summer fundraiser that can be both profitable and fun. Choose a high-traffic location, set up a washing station, and gather enthusiastic team members and parents.

Advertise the event in advance through social media, flyers, and local newspapers. Offer different wash packages and additional services like interior cleaning or tire shine. To make it more enjoyable, play upbeat music and provide refreshments.

Don’t forget to display team banners or jerseys to promote team spirit and attract attention.

Also, consider partnering with a local business to provide supplies or offer sponsorship opportunities.

Community Sports Tournament

Host a community sports tournament that brings together teams from different sports and age groups. Choose a popular sport like soccer, basketball, or softball and invite other local little league teams to participate.

Charge an entry fee for teams and spectators, and offer concessions and merchandise for sale.

This event not only raises funds but also creates a sense of camaraderie among different teams and fosters community engagement. Encourage players and supporters to wear team colors or jerseys to showcase team unity.

Fun Run or Walkathon

Organize a fun run or walkathon event where participants collect pledges from family, friends, and community members for completing a designated course.

Set up checkpoints along the route where participants can collect stamps or tokens to mark their progress. Encourage participants to wear team colors or jerseys to showcase team pride. Provide water stations and snacks, and award prizes or medals to top fundraisers or participants.

This active and inclusive fundraiser promotes health and fitness while raising funds for your little league team’s needs.

Team-Sponsored Family Fun Day

Host a family fun day filled with games, activities, and entertainment for the whole community to enjoy. Set up various game booths, face painting stations, inflatable bounce houses, and food stalls.

Charge an entry fee or sell tickets for participation in the activities. Include team-specific games like a baseball toss or accuracy challenge to showcase the little league team’s skills.

Engage local businesses for sponsorship or to set up vendor stalls. Consider organizing a raffle with donated prizes to add to the excitement.

This inclusive and entertaining event brings families together while raising funds for the little league team.

Sneaker Drive Fundraiser 

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Getting Started 

Summer fundraisers for little league teams offer more than just financial support. They create opportunities for team building, community engagement, and fun-filled experiences for players, families, and supporters.

From car wash events to community sports tournaments and family fun days, the options are diverse and adaptable to different team sizes and locations.

By organizing creative and engaging fundraisers, little league teams can generate the necessary funds to support their activities while fostering a sense of unity and pride within the team and the community.


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