Add a New “Feel Good” Revenue Stream

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly popular concept in the retail world. More and more retailers are realizing that giving back doesn’t just make the world a better place, it’s also good for business. Research has shown that 87% of customers consider Corporate Social Responsibility in their purchase decisions, and 91% of consumers are likely to switch to brands that are associated with a good cause.

Partner with GotSneakers

As a footwear retailer, your customers are constantly in the market for new shoes and sneakers. They’re also looking to get rid of their old shoes and sneakers in a sustainable way.

GotSneakers has developed multi-faceted solutions to sneaker recycling that allows retailers to help their customers, drive in-store traffic, and generate recurring revenue

Sneaker Recycling Programs

In-Store and Online CSR Programs

Customers can trade-in their used sneakers and trade-up for a new pair. You will earn cash for every pair and the customer will feel good contributing to a circular economy.

More information on sneaker guidelines.

Product Salvage and Liquidation

GotSneakers will purchase your customer returns, product defects, singles, closeouts, and more so you can free up space in your stockroom for new inventory. This is a great way to generate cash and keep new product flowing through the store.

Customer Acquisition

Drive in-store and online traffic with targeted digital marketing campaigns. Convert in-store and online visitors to new customers and contributors to your CSR programs to promote sustainability and generate recurring revenue.

Start CSR Program

To discuss Product Liquidation and Customer Acquisition programs, please send us an email.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign Up

Complete the registration form to request your FREE Sneaker Recycling Kit. Your store(s) will receive Sneaker Recycling Bags with pre-paid shipping labels. All shipping is FREE.

If you need more bags, you can simply send us an email to request more at any time.

Step 2: Ship Your Sneakers

Simply fill your bags with sneakers and drop them off at any FedEx location. All shipping is FREE.

More information on shipping.

Step 3: Get Paid

New deliveries are processed daily and recorded into our system. All Sneaker Recycling Bags are labeled with a unique code linked to your account. All payments are sent electronically by email (eCheck) on the first of every month.

More information on e-check payments and sneaker guidelines.

A GotSneakers partnership reduces waste, enhances your CSR programs, delivers a new revenue stream, and gives customers another reason to choose you over other retailers.

Retail Partner Benefits

When you start a GotSneakers Sneaker Recycling Program, we provide:

  • FREE shipping services
  • Digital marketing materials to promote your sneaker recycling program
  • Detailed monthly performance reporting and electronic payments

Other benefits to look forward to include:

  • Attract new customers
  • Drive in-store and online traffic
  • Generate sales
  • Earn a reputation as a socially responsible retailer
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