Get Paid to Clean Out Your Closet

What do you do with your old sneakers? Do they just sit in your closet collecting dust? Do you toss them in the garbage when they have too much mileage on them? Now there’s a better option! Use our FREE Clean Out program to make room in your closet AND earn cash for every pair of sneakers you send us! All while doing good for the planet.

More information on compensation guidelines.

We Want Your Sneakers

Our mission is to partner with the sneaker community to recycle and reuse quality pre-loved sneakers. Our Individual Seller program keeps sneakers out of landfills and reduces toxic chemicals from being released in our air and soil. All reusable sneakers from our Individual Seller program are recirculated to secondhand markets so people can access quality, pre-owned footwear at affordable prices. All heavily used and damaged footwear is recycled to reuse materials or to convert waste into new energy.

Get Started

Start Selling in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Complete the registration form to request your FREE Clean Out Kit. You will receive a Clean Out Bag with pre-paid shipping labels. All shipping is FREE.

If you need more bags, you can simply send us an email to request more at any time.

Step 2: Ship Your Sneakers

Simply fill your bags with sneakers and drop off at any FedEx or UPS location.

If you have a large shipment of 5 or more full bags, you can send us an email and our support team will coordinate the pickup for you.

More information on shipping.

Step 3: Get Paid

New deliveries are processed daily and recorded into our system. All Clean Out Bags are labeled with a unique code linked to your account. All payments are sent electronically by email on or before the 15th of every month for all sneakers that were received during the prior month.

More information on e-check payments and compensation guidelines.

Ready to make a difference?

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