eCheck Payment Process

GotSneakers issues eCheck payments to all qualifying Sneaker Recycling Partners on the first of every month. eChecks are a free and convenient way to receive and deposit funds. The eCheck will be emailed to the Payee Email associated with your account per the information you provided at the time of your original registration. It is important to add to your contact list so your email application recognizes where the email is sent from.

Please note: You will have 180 days to retrieve and deposit your eCheck. Your eCheck will permanently expire after 180 days. We do not reissue eChecks after they expire under any circumstances.

All bags of footwear are received and processed on a monthly basis and subsequently compensated according to the payment schedule below:

Bags Received Payment Date
January March 1st
February April 1st
March May 1st
April June 1st
May July 1st
June August 1st
July September 1st
August October 1st
September November 1st
October December 1st
November January 1st
December February 1st

Please see the step-by-step deposit instructions below:


  1. You will receive an email from with your eCheck payment from GotSneakers.
  2. When you are ready to print the check, click on the link in the email and download the eCheck PDF. Please note, the link can only be opened once.
  3. Print the check using regular white paper.
  4. Endorse and deposit the check as you would any regular paper check – mobile banking application, bank teller, or ATM machine.


Direct Deposit:

  1. You will receive an email from with your eCheck payment from GotSneakers.
  2. If you do not have access to a printer, please visit the Deluxe Help Center and click on the Getting Paid tab to see other options to retrieve and deposit your eCheck.
  3. If you still have questions about depositing your eCheck, you can contact Deluxe by email at or by phone at 877-333-6964.

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