Hosting a Shoe Drive? Here’s How to Make it a Success!

An athletic shoe drive is a great way to raise money for your group or organization and to help others at the same time. Here’s how you can maximize the success of your next sneaker drive fundraiser.

Have a Collection Goal

Consider how much money you need to raise and how many people you want to help using donated shoes. Having an end goal will give you an idea of how many pairs of athletic shoes you need to collect and how wide a reach your promotions will need.

Time it Right

Many organizations request donations throughout the year. Make sure your shoe drive doesn’t run at a time when people are feeling overwhelmed by these appeals.

Choose a season when people are likely to be shopping for shoes or when they’re cleaning out their closets. Back-to-school season is a good time because a lot of kids have outgrown last year’s shoes and need bigger pairs. Holidays are also opportune, including just after the first of the year when people make fitness resolutions and are in the market for new sneakers.

Communicate Your Cause

To generate interest in your shoe drive, you need a compelling reason for people to give. Why are you raising money, and where will the shoes you collect be going?

Build your message around the answers to these questions to clearly show others the benefits of donating.

Be a Diligent Promoter

When you’re ready, find the most visible places in your community to promote your shoe drive fundraiser. Publish announcements and calls for donations in local newspapers, newsletters and magazines. Post eye-catching fliers on community boards, and see if a local news station or radio broadcast will give you some air time.

Online, use your social media platforms to let others know about your fundraising efforts. Share the story of why you’re dedicated to the group or organization for which you’re raising money and why shoe donations are so important. Use images to enhance your messages, and don’t forget to ask others to share your posts with their friends!

As you follow these steps to set up, plan and promote your shoe drive, remember the more shoes you collect, the more people you can help. A successful drive doesn’t just generate the money you need to meet your own goals. It also provides hope and a brighter future for those who receive the shoes you collect.


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