How to Promote Your Sneaker Drive Fundraiser on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for getting the word out when you’re hosting a sneaker drive. Engage your followers and maximize donations with these four simple tips.

1. Fit Your Message to the Platform

Bring news about your sneaker drive to the platforms where members of your target audience spend most of their time. For a sneaker drive, Facebook is the most likely place to connect with potential donors.

Images, video and engaging text combine to create effective campaigns on Facebook. People who scroll by text-based posts may be interested in an eye-catching image or stopped by an engaging video. These elements are also hallmarks of sharable content, a necessity in any social media promotion.

2. Plan Your Campaign

Before posting anything, write down your goals. How many pairs of sneakers do you want to collect, and how long will the fundraiser last? Brainstorm content with these numbers in mind, and create posts with well-crafted calls-to-action (CTAs) such as “donate now” or “contact me for more info.” Once the content is ready, put together a posting schedule to ensure consistent visibility.

3. Be a Good Storyteller

Don’t simply ask for donations on social media; share the reasons why you are fundraising.

Stories evoke emotions and prompt followers to take action.

Tell your friends why you raising money, who you’re helping, and how the money will be used. Some members of your audience may not be familiar with the concept of a sneaker drive and unaware they can donate lightly used sneakers to a good cause instead of throwing them away.

Telling your story enlightens, engages and encourages followers to take part by making a contribution.

4. Leverage the Power of Sharing

Building your campaign around a story taps into the natural desire of your audience to share what touches their hearts. Every follower has his or her own group of friends on social media, and the more your fundraiser is shared, the better the chance of meeting your goal for donations. Use the CTAs in some of your posts to prompt sharing, and attach a custom hashtag to your campaign for greater reach outside followers’ feeds.

With a compelling message and a well-crafted campaign, you can turn social media engagement into a cascade of donations for your sneaker drive. Plan well, be consistent and interact with your audience to encourage people to do some good with the sneakers they might otherwise throw away.


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