Why Are Shoes So Important?

Have you ever thought about how privileged you are to have a good pair of shoes? In fact, you probably have several, some of which you hardly ever wear. It’s easy to take shoes for granted when they’re so abundant, but for almost 1 billion people around the world, even one set of adequate footwear would be a blessing.

Here’s how the shoes lying forgotten in your closet could help others live better:

Improved Foot Health

Anyone walking without shoes for long periods of time or living with ill-fitting shoes can experience pain, injury, problems with posture and the risk for infection.

In countries around the world where sanitation is inadequate, diseases resulting from walking barefoot can range from parasitic infections to crippling deformative conditions. Diabetics in these countries are at even higher risk due to the increased potential for foot injuries.

Access to Educational Opportunities

Kids need good shoes in order to attend school in many countries. When children are without footwear, they can become stuck in a cycle of poverty from which its hard to escape.

The shoes sitting in the back of the closet that your children outgrew or no longer enjoy wearing could transform the life of a child in another part of the world.

Increased Economic Opportunities

Several organizations collecting shoes, such as GotSneakers, repurpose what they receive and use it as inventory for microenterprises in areas where economic stability is uncertain.

The entrepreneurs in charge of these small operations are provided with a product their communities need and are able to support their own families on the income from their sales. The result is a stronger local economy and a healthier population.

A Boost of Confidence

Fashion isn’t an industry in a lot of areas of the world, but everyone enjoys having something nice to wear. For adults who have never had adequate footwear, an attractive pair of shoes can give them a sense of self-assurance and well-being. Kids putting on good shoes and heading off to school for the first time can grow in confidence as their education progresses.

Good shoes can transform the life of a person in your community or halfway around the world by giving light, hope and opportunities. Contact GotSneakers today to start your shoe drive today!


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