Top Tips for a Greener PTA Fundraiser

Are you tired of the same old PTA fundraisers? This year, embrace the growing trend of “going green” with innovative campaigns designed to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Take Out the Trash

A trash-a-thon is a great way to raise money and beautify the community. Coordinate with local leaders to schedule a town-wide cleanup day, and have students ask friends and family to pledge a certain amount per pound or bag of trash they collect. Arrange in advance to dispose of or recycle the trash. Consider offering a prize for the biggest collection, and remember to post pictures of your cleanup efforts on social media.

Don’t Ditch Those Shoes!

Old shoes are a ubiquitous form of trash, but they can be put to much better use than sitting in a landfill for years. An athletic shoe drive rescues gently used footwear from getting tossed in the garbage and puts it in the hands of people in need. Thanks to a number of organizations, like GotSneakers, it’s easy to get this PTA fundraiser off the ground.

When you host an athletic shoe drive with GotSneakers you simply collect unwanted athletic shoes and send them to us using pre-paid postage we provide to you. Once received, we will pay you up to $3 per pair of sneakers you send in!

Channel Parents’ Inner Marie Kondo

It seems like everybody is embracing the act of decluttering these days, so why not make their efforts work to your advantage? Put out a call for donations of clothing, household items, furniture, electronics and other items in good condition, and hold a rummage sale. Make a big event out of inviting the community to come find treasures among other people’s “trash,” and put the proceeds toward your PTA fundraising goals.

Showcase All Things “Eco”

Get in touch with local businesses and hobbyists involved in eco-friendly endeavors, and bring them together to show off their wares at a green fair. Charge a flat rate for anyone who wants to set up a table or booth, and raise additional funds either by setting an admission fee for or running a raffle during the fair.

Holding an eco-friendly PTA fundraiser speaks to the increased awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship among people of all ages. It’s time to get in touch with your inner tree hugger and leverage the power of green living for your next PTA campaign.

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