Top Fundraisers That Utilize Social Distancing

With social isolation policies in place in 2020, many organizations have canceled fundraising events for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, some organizations have reimagined their fundraisers by using creative ways to engage with and reach out to supporters to spread awareness and raise money for their causes. Before you cancel your campaigns for the year, consider turning them into one of the top recommendations below.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Platforms for crowdfunding have been around for decades, and you can easily set one up to raise funds for your cause. It allows you to tell your story and appeal directly to supporters. The primary purpose is to ask them to give money to reach a goal, and your page will have plenty of room to display your fundraising progress and the impact that it has on your organization.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

Fortunately, peer-to-peer fundraisers are built for raising funds online. You can easily begin one by encouraging your supporters to set up fundraising pages that endorse your cause. As a result, your organization promotes a sense of community. Also, new supporters have the option to give directly to your initiative.

Social Media Challenge

No matter which direction you go for your fundraiser, posting about it on social media will engage your supporters. However, you can leverage this activity further by challenging them to do something fun, surprising or impressive. When they contribute to your cause, they can post a photo or video of completing the challenge along with a special hashtag.

Online Game and Movie Nights

Most in-person activities that you plan can be turned into live-streamed events. Game and movie nights are great examples. You can invite your community to join you in playing online games or board games via a video-streaming service, such as Facebook, Twitch or Zoom.

You can set up a live movie night using a Netflix party link so that everyone can watch the movie at the same time and share their thoughts in a chatroom. In order to receive the link, ask the participants to contribute to the price of a movie ticket to your fundraiser.

Live-Streamed Auction

Auctions are a reliable fundraising method, and advances in software allow them to be held virtually. In many cases, setting up a live-streamed auction is easier than planning an in-person auction. Basically, you place the items that are up for bid on an auction platform, and coordinate a time for supporters to make their bids. You can announce the winners on your platform of choice.

GotSneakers Campaign

For a GotSneakers campaign, you can combine virtual elements with a physical location to maintain social distancing. When you register to run a sneakers fundraiser, you get social media and email marketing materials to spread awareness.

You can set up a drop-off location for the unwanted sneakers that your supporters have. Otherwise, you could have them place the shoes outside of their homes or businesses for you to pick up. As a result, you can raise funds for your cause while still helping to keep sneakers out of landfills.


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