Top Free PTA Fundraising Idea For Your School

If you’re a member of the local PTA, you might be called upon for PTA fundraising ideas to enhance the activities and services that your school offers. GotSneakers make this task fun and rewarding by helping you to host a sneaker drive fundraiser. Starting a sneaker drive is an easy and quick way to raise money for your school while getting the students and community involved. Best of all, it’s completely FREE to host!

1. Zero Registration Fee

When you register for a shoe drive through GotSneakers, there are no fees. All you have to do is fill out the sign-up form on the registration page to get started.

2. Flexible Start and End Dates

As one of the most flexible PTA fundraising ideas, you can choose when to start and end your sneaker drive. It will begin on the date that you choose during registration. GotSneakers automatically sets up fundraising campaigns for one year. However, you can end your campaign at any time without penalty.

3. No Cost for Marketing Materials

After you register and set the date for your fundraising campaign, you need to get the word out so that students, teachers, parents and the community know that you’re holding a sneaker drive. You’ll receive a digital welcome packet in your email that will include downloadable content and tools for your social media and email marketing efforts. Also, you’ll receive footwear and compensation guidelines.

4. Free Collection and Shipping Materials

Shipping is a major concern with fundraisers that require it. Hosting a sneaker drive with GotSneakers is the best PTA fundraising idea because we send you a starter kit with five collection bags and prepaid shipping tags. Each bag can hold 15 to 20 pairs of sneakers, and you can ship each one as soon as you fill it up.

If you run out of bags, you can email GotSneakers with a request for more for free. There’s no penalty for not filling all of the bags or not meeting the collection goal that you set. Establishing a goal is simply a motivational tool.

5. No Money Collection Involved

Not everyone feels comfortable handling money for PTA fundraising ideas like bake sales or car washes. That’s why a GotSneakers sneaker drive is such a great idea. The only thing that your volunteers need to collect is unwanted and unneeded sneakers. Since kids are always growing out of their shoes, collecting them is a great way to support the PTA while keeping the shoes out of landfills.

6. Fast Way to Raise Money

Although car washes and bake sales are good PTA fundraising ideas, a shoe drive can help you reach your goal fast. For every pair of sneakers sent in , GotSneakers will pay you up to $3.

Raise Money While Helping People in Need

A GotSneakers fundraising campaign is a great way to repurpose sneakers that can still be worn. Along with earning money for each pair, your school PTA can help provide footwear for the more than 600 million people around the world who don’t have shoes. At the same time, it keeps the sneakers out of landfills and benefits the environment.

Learn more about hosting a GotSneakers shoe drive fundraiser today!


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