Top Brands in 2022 That are Using Sustainable Materials

It may just be the year of the shoe, happy 2022! We’re taking a look at the top brands this year that are using sustainable materials that help their customers, employees and most importantly this big and beautiful planet of ours we call earth.


This footwear company strives to keep its products eco-friendly. According to their website, “We’ve always sought to replace petroleum-based synthetic materials with natural alternatives whenever we can. When we haven’t found suitable alternatives, we’ve either invented our own—like SweetFoam®, our shoe sole material derived from the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA—or invested in novel solutions, like Plant Leather, our 100% natural, plant-based leather. Of course, all of this comes with challenges. To help increase durability, we use recycled synthetics to bolster natural material content where we need to and are innovating around new technologies to increase the performance and longevity of natural materials.”


This shoe brand is widely known for its footwear for kids, women and men also sell accessories and apparel. According to their website, “we expand our use of sustainable cotton, sourcing 100% sustainable cotton by 2025. We continue to source 100% of their packaging from sustainably managed forests and ensure it’s made with at least 80% recycled materials.”


This footwear brand not only sells shoes they sell workout clothes as well. They are really big on their sustainability efforts. According to their website, “We source various recycled materials such as inlay soles, textiles, metals, plastics, packaging and rubber. The companies we work with that make injected plastic plates for football boots are now recycling waste back into production. And they have also been able to increase the percentage of rubber and EVA that can be reground and reused in shoes.”

It’s truly a great thing when brands come together and commit to protecting the planet the best way they can through their products.

When you choose recyclable sneakers instead of pairs manufactured from scratch, you support the use of fewer chemicals and the preservation of natural resources. Companies seeking to create more of these types of products are effectively taking waste out of the environment. Through a GotSneakers fundraiser, you can take the concept one step further by sending lightly used sneakers to people in areas of the world where affordable footwear is hard to find.

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