Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Your Next Fundraiser

Kick up your next fundraiser by promoting it on social media with these tips:

Foot-Tastic Images

You want to display photos about your fundraising goal and/or event to show the impact you’re trying to make.

Whether it’s a photo of a guest speaker who will be speaking about the specific cause you’re fundraising for or a team photo of people working for the organization. It could also be an infographic that shows your followers your goal amount for the fundraiser or statistics that talks about the cause you’re fundraising for.

Post an eye-catching photo that will get your followers excited to be a part of the impact you’re trying to make.

High Top Hashtags

A hashtag is a unique and tactical way to connect to different audiences on social media. Be sure to take a look at popular hashtags that are trending and if they fit in line with your fundraiser, you should use them.

Along with using hashtags that relate directly to your cause, you also would want to use hashtags like #fundraiser #nonprofit #donate #makeadifference #giveback #community just to name a couple.

Using hashtags increases your chances for higher engagement and visibility with followers on social media.

You want to try and generate as much traffic to your posts as you can to maximize your fundraising efforts. A memorable hashtag is an important way to combine all of the components for your fundraiser.

Clean Copy

When writing your copy, your messaging in your post is important.

Explain in a short and sweet way the purpose of the fundraiser and what the end goal is. If it’s an event you’re hosting, be sure to include the date, time, parking information, admission cost (if it’s not a free event) and location. That way, your followers have all of the information about your event.

You can also include a website link to a donation form that directs your followers to donate if they can’t attend the event or would simply just like to donate easily at their fingertips.

You can easily put the link at the end of a post on Facebook or Twitter. For Instagram, at the end of the post you can simply put “Link in bio” and make sure the link is in the bio on the Instagram page.

Run Towards a Facebook Event

Facebook has a free tool that allows you to create an event on your Facebook page. You can include pictures and details about your fundraising event. There is also an option where you can link your event to Eventbrite which is a website that lets you promote events.

Conclusion: It All Ties Together

Utilizing social media to promote your next fundraiser is a great idea. One of the best things about posting on social media is that followers can repost/reshare your posts about the event, which could potentially lead to more event attendees and donors. Whether you decide to promote your event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or all of the social media platforms combined, it will help you to get closer or better yet meet your fundraising goal.

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