Tips for Preparing for 2022 School Fundraisers

Fundraisers are created to bring awareness and raise funds for a cause. Here at GotSneakers, we put the fun in fundraisers. Check out our top 12 helpful tips below for fundraiser preparation this school year.

Natural Lighting Tip

When you’re hosting a fundraising event at school, try relying on as much natural light as possible. This will let everyone soak up some Vitamin D and conserve energy. You can keep shades, curtains, and blinds fully open. Try not to turn on any electrical lights unless you absolutely have to.

Plants Tip

Spruce up your school fundraiser by adding plants indoors and outdoors where your event is taking place. Plants are great for the environment and make nice decorations.

Grant Application Tip

Research grant opportunities that focus on schools that are green-focused. There are lots of businesses and organizations that would want to support environmental initiatives.

Social Media Tip

Post eye-catching images and attention-grabbing captions when posting about your fundraising event on social media. Use hashtags to broaden your reach so many people can find out about your event and hopefully check it out.

Fresh Air Tip

At your school fundraiser, try opening windows in the space you’re having the event in to allow some fresh air to come in. Or hold your fundraising event outside, it’s nothing like being in the great outdoors surrounded by great weather thanks to mother nature.

Entertainment Tip

Have green-focused books, magazines, recycling games and play environmentally friendly movies attendees can participate, read, and enjoy while at the fundraiser. You can also set up an arts and crafts station with recyclable materials to choose from.

Recycling Tip

Be sure to have recycling bins around your event so attendees know they can recycle items.

Food & Beverages Tip

If you plan on serving food at your fundraiser, you can offer more vegan-friendly options and fewer meat options. There are fruits, vegetables, hummus dips, pita chips, salad, chickpea wraps, and more. For drinks, offer organic juice, coffee, tea, and water of course.

Educational Tip

Inform your attendees about the importance of sustainability and educate them on the impact we all can make for the planet.

GotSneakers Tip

At GotSneakers, we pride ourselves in educating the community about the importance of sustainability while helping others raise and earn money whether it be for their school, organization, or them as an individual. We are making it socially and financially rewarding to contribute to a circular economy with our free sneaker recycling programs for schools. Our sneaker drive fundraiser keeps sneakers out of landfills and reduces toxic chemicals from being released in our air and soil.

All reusable sneakers from our sneaker drive fundraiser program are recirculated to secondhand markets so people can access quality, used footwear at affordable prices. All heavily used and damaged footwear is recycled to reuse materials or to convert waste into new energy.

When you join our sneaker recycling community, you and your school will make a global impact while earning money for every pair of sneakers you contribute.


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