Tips for Making Your Sneakers Last Longer

Did you know, the fashion industry is responsible for about 8%-9.5% of total global carbon emissions? To put things into perspective, the textiles and apparel industry produces about 92 million tons of waste annually, representing 4% of waste that ends up in landfills. The good news is, we all have a part to play in managing/reducing environmental degradation. Your sneakers. That’s right, taking better care of your sneakers solves part of the pollution problem. Here’s a roundup of tips for making your sneakers last longer.

Invest in High-Quality Sneakers

Few things live up to the feeling of investing in a good quality pair of sneakers you know will last a long time. Know what’s better? Knowing you’re actively helping keep climate change at bay even while you’re out looking dapper. High-quality sneakers retain their pleasant aesthetics meaning you’ll want to hang onto them a while longer. Although you may have to pay more for good-quality sneakers, the return on your investment will be well worth it.

High-quality sneakers, unlike their counterparts in the world of fast fashion, are manufactured using premium materials such as leather which is far more durable and easier to recycle. Higher quality also means cleaner, sustainable production methods that reduce the impact on the environment.

Take Better Care of Your Sneakers.

Preventative care for your favorite pairs of sneakers is a surefire way to make them last longer. Not sure where to start? Well, waterproofing, shoe shields, and wooden shoe trees and a great place to start. Waterproofing your sneakers involves applying protectant sprays that prevent damage from snow, rainwater, and to certain extent saltwater as well.

Wooden shoe trees keep moisture and bad odor from your sneakers while helping maintain the proper shape. Shoe shields are an absolute must-have if you want your sneakers to last longer. This helps prevent creasing and can also be used on other pairs of shoes you own.

Observe a Rotation.

Just like your favorite pair of jeans or sweaters, your sneakers need some time off active duty. Wearing your sneakers for days in a row won’t do them any good as far as longevity is concerned. Alternating the shoes you wear on different days gives your sneakers time to rest and air out. An added advantage to alternating your sneakers is that you’re also less likely to injure your feet. All in all, an extra pair of shoes or two will greatly reduce the stress, wear and tear associated with daily use.


So you’ve had your favorite pair of sneakers for a while now and you’re interested in buying a new pair. What happens to the still-intact albeit older pair of shoes sitting in your closet? One sure way of prolonging your sneakers’ lifespan would be to send them to our team at GotSneakers! We will give your sneakers new life by either cleaning them up and sending them into the second-hand economy or repurposing them into new athletic products such as playgrounds or running tracks.


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