Tips for a Successful Sustainable Fundraiser

With sustainable fundraisers, not only is it awesome to raise funds, it’s even more awesome to raise awareness about sustainability. Both can financially and personally make a difference. Check out these tips below:

Host an Event

Hosting a fundraising event as a non-profit organization is a great way to bring awareness and try to generate funds for your cause. Why not keep the sustainability efforts going by having an event that helps the planet and people. Examples of events and venues could be the following:

Event Ideas

  • Beach cleanup
  • Tree planting
  • Park cleanup
  • Watch party (watch a documentary on sustainability)
  • Lecture (have a guest speaker give an inspiring lecture about the specific cause you’re funding for)
  • Recycling party (people will gather to bring tons of items they would like to or need to recycle)


If you’re a non-profit organization and want to have a fundraiser, an excellent idea is to put your fundraiser’s information as well as a link to donate directly on your website, particularly the landing page. That way, when people go to search and click on your website, they will have easy access to information about it and they will know where and how to donate.


Meet people who focus on sustainability and get to know each other. Talk to them about your fundraiser to see if they would be interested in helping by contributing, being a part of it or sharing information with other people about it.

Nothing travels faster sometimes than word of mouth. You never know who you will meet and what connections they may have. If you were to go to networking events, be sure to bring fliers about your fundraiser (on recycled paper) to pass out or share your social media page so they can follow you.

Social Media

Be sure to promote your fundraiser on all of your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok to bring awareness to your cause and get the attention of potential donors.

You can also piggyback off of another eco-friendly idea that’s popular on social media. For example, post about Meatless Monday and encourage followers to not eat meat on Mondays. Or create a campaign with followers sharing pictures or videos before they take a bite out of their meatless meals on Mondays.

If you were to participate in this be sure to use the hashtag #meatlessmonday. Hashtags are key to target audience promotion. At the end of each post, you could also include a snippet about your sustainability-focused fundraiser.


Offer an eco-friendly product as a prize for a raffle during your fundraiser. For example, a box of organic tea, chocolates, coffee, or pretty reusable grocery bags. You could have one winner or multiple winners. This also ties into sustainability efforts by cross-promotion and offers eco-friendly alternatives to products we use all the time.

These tips could help with your fundraiser as a non-profit to be creative, effective, and increase awareness of community, the environment, animals, and health for people near and far. When reaching a fundraising goal one person can make a difference, but so many more people can make an even greater impact.

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