Thrifting and Recycling Fashion Tips for Each Season

Hey fashionistas and fashionitos! Check out these tips for recycling and thrifting during the spring, summer, fall and winter.

If you need to buy new clothes such as a sundress or shirt and shorts for the summer or coats, sweaters and jackets for the fall and winter, it’s best to buy second-hand. You can shop at thrift stores online or in person.

You don’t always have to throw out your clothes, you can easily revamp them by switching and creating different ensembles.

It’s good to educate yourself about the brands from which you’re buying your items. It’s also good to know the different laundry detergents and fabric softeners you’re using when washing your clothes so colors don’t fade. Be sure you’re familiar with the material of your clothing so you know if it has to be hand-washed, washed in cold water, or set on a certain timer when drying so it doesn’t fall apart or shrink.

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, so when the time comes to start cleaning up and you come across cleaning out your closet, make a pile of all of the clothes, accessories, and shoes you don’t want or wear anymore. You’re making room for all the new clothes and shoes you’re going to put in your closet. For your clothes, accessories, sandals, and boots you can recycle them and donate them to different thrift stores in your community. When it comes to your other shoes, for your sneakers specifically you can get paid to recycle them through GotSneakers.

At GotSneakers, we’re making it socially and financially rewarding to contribute to a circular economy with our free sneaker recycling programs for individual sellers and organizations of all types and sizes. When you join our sneaker recycling community, you will be making a global impact and you will earn money for every pair of sneakers you contribute.

Most people throw away their used sneakers every 125-200 days without ever thinking about recycling. Since sneakers are manufactured with materials that are not biodegradable, they remain in landfills or are incinerated, which leads to toxic chemicals in our air and soil.

The process of manufacturing sneakers produces large amounts of CO2 which contribute to the serious effects of climate change and global warming. Recycling and reusing sneakers keep sneakers out of landfills, reduce the need for manufacturing new shoes and sneakers, and support a growing circular economy.

In the United States, at least 200 million pairs of shoes and sneakers end up in landfills each year. Shoes in landfills can take 30 to 40 years to decompose. Harmful chemicals are emitted into the soil and air which pollutes our surroundings. More than 600 million people worldwide don’t even own a pair of shoes. The environmental benefits of recycling and reusing sneakers are significant. Since we started out on our mission, GotSneakers has recycled and reused 2.5 million pairs of shoes (and counting!).

You can make great fashionable and eco-friendly choices and GotSneakers can help you along the way. You can accomplish this by recycling the old worn sneakers you don’t wear or want anymore as well as making money for new clothes, shoes, accessories and more!


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