The Best Channels for Promoting Your GotSneakers Shoe Drive

Do you need some help getting the word out about your GotSneakers shoe drive? Take a cue from business marketers, and connect with potential donors through as many channels as you can.

Tell the Press

Write a press release prior to the start of your athletic shoe drive, and submit it to local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations. Tell them about your cause and why you chose a GotSneakers shoe drive as a fundraiser.

If you’re not good at press releases, why not call a few news anchors and pitch your athletic shoe drive as a human-interest story? Don’t forget to submit information to community event calendars and free local publications, too.

Create Online Engagement

Promoting your athletic shoe drive through GotSneakers is easy! Once you sign up, you will receive downloadable marketing materials to ensure your sneaker drive will be a success.

From emails to social media graphics, your supporters will know:

• What cause your sneaker drive raises money for.
•The start and end date for your collection.
• Where you will be collecting sneakers.

Blog All About It

Creating a blog for your athletic shoe drive is fast, easy and free, and it’s the perfect way to encourage people to get involved. Post details and pictures of your fundraising journey, including events in which you participate, and remind your readers where they can drop off new or gently used shoes they want to contribute. Share your blog posts on social media to spread the word even further.

Try Old-Fashioned Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Equip others helping you with the athletic shoe drive to be “ambassadors” for the cause.

Make flyers for them to hand out, provide social media posts or images to share and generally encourage them to talk about the athletic shoe drive whenever they get a chance. The digital age means people are connected to their friends and family almost all the time, so news of events can travel faster than ever.

Try branching out into these channels to alert people in and around the community to your athletic shoe drive. As word spreads and contributions increase, you’ll collect more athletic shoes and raise more money to help people at home and across the globe.


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