Teaching Kids the Importance of Thrifting

We all want to take care of this big, beautiful green and blue planet of ours so it can be around for centuries to come. One great way to take care of and protect our planet Earth is by recycling.

By shopping in thrift stores as a family, you’re educating your kids about recycling such as reducing and reusing clothes, shoes, and other various items. You’re also teaching them the importance of budgeting and spending money. You can save a lot of money while thrift shopping. Your kids can learn about the value of a dollar all while getting a good deal on clothes, shoes, bags, hats, furniture, electronics, household items, and more. You all can find great prices for items together. It’s a teachable and bonding moment all in one.

There are so many different types of thrift stores to choose from when it comes to thrift shopping. There are vintage thrift stores, antique thrift stores, chain thrift stores, mom-and-pop family-run thrift stores, and specialty second-hand thrift stores. You can even do thrift shopping online, after all, we are in the digital age. There are also other places to go thrift shopping like a flea market or a garage sale.

Thrift shopping can also embrace your and your kids’ creativity. While shopping in thrift stores you all can pick out things to mix and match when it comes to clothes and shoes. Another thing is this can give your kids the chance to express themselves. They will be able to develop their own taste and style. You can also find toys and games that even though they are used, will be “new” to your kids. Thrift shopping can be fun, you can make it a family outing to go thrift shopping once a week, or twice a month, whatever times you choose to go shopping.

When you go thrift shopping it doesn’t always have to be about buying things for you like things you need for yourself or for your home. You can also buy items for other people such as birthday presents, housewarming gifts, anniversary presents, and holiday presents like for Christmas and Hanukkah. You would be pretty surprised by the cool and thrifty things you can find while thrift shopping and your kids can learn from this as well.

It takes a lot of energy, manpower, water, and electricity when it comes to distributing, producing, packaging, and manufacturing new clothes, shoes, and other items in general. When you purchase reused items such as clothes and shoes, you’re helping the planet by reducing waste.

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