Sustainable Summer Fashion Tips

Tis the sea-son to be happy and eco-friendly! Summer is here and the beaches, theme parks, camps, and pools are calling our names. Before we pack our luggage and pick out our clothes for our summer vacations and summer plans, check out these sustainable fashion tips.

Tip#1 Thrift Store Shopping

Shop for clothes, shoes, handbags, hats, and accessories at second-hand thrift stores. There are an array of thrift stores you can shop at in person or online. You can also shop second-hand by stopping by the local yard and garage sales, who knows what fashion treasures you will find.

Tip #2 Shop Eco-Friendly Brands

Buy clothes from eco-friendly brands such as Outerknown, Levi, Everlane, Kotn, Tradlands, Celobella, Boden, People Tree, Eileen Fisher, tentree, and more. By purchasing clothes this season not only are you preparing to be a summer fashionista or fashionisto, you’re also supporting a brand that cares about the environment.

Tip #3 Take Care of your Clothes

Make sure your clothes last as long as possible by properly taking care of them. Try not to overwash them, you’re also saving water by not overwashing your clothes.

Tip #4 Mix and Match

When putting outfits together, you may feel like you’re missing a piece to it. Instead of buying that piece try looking for it in the clothes you already have. An accessory, handbag, hat, belt or the right pair of shoes can easily make an outfit that much better. Plus you’re saving money by not overspending when you already have clothes, shoes and accessories. Get creative and go for it, you are your own stylist.

Tip #5 Quality Clothing

If you do happen to purchase clothes, make sure they’re good material and not flimsy material that once you put it in the washing machine once it automatically falls apart. Invest in good clothing.

Tip #6 Donate your Clothes

You may have clothes you don’t wear anymore or can’t fit and it’s just collecting dust. Instead of throwing them away, try reselling them or reusing them. For example, you may have an old shirt that you can use as a cleaning rag or a dress that you can cut up and turn into a shirt or skirt. If you have an old jean jacket that looks rough try “blinging” it out by putting rhinestones and glitter to make it shine.

Tip #7 Recycle your Sneakers

This summer you might spend quite a lot of time cleaning out your closet, bedroom and garages and may come across old sneakers you don’t wear anymore or can’t fit. Instead of tossing your sneakers in the trash, you should donate them. At GotSneakers, we have a free Clean Out program to make room in your home and earn cash for every pair of sneakers you send us! All while doing good for the planet.

Our Individual Seller program keeps sneakers out of landfills and reduces toxic chemicals from being released in our air and soil. All reusable sneakers from our Individual Seller program are recirculated to secondhand markets so people can access quality, pre-owned footwear at affordable prices. All heavily used and damaged footwear is recycled to reuse materials or to convert waste into new energy. Learn more by requesting your FREE Clean Out Kit today.


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