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GotSneakers offers a paid option for all partners who would like to utilize a collection box(es) for their sneaker recycling campaign. All sneaker recycling partners can purchase a collection box(es) with free shipping at the price of $40.00 per unit. If you are interested in purchasing a collection box for your sneaker recycling campaign, please send us an email and our support team will assist you further.

All footwear received through our sneaker recycling program is sorted and evaluated by our professionally trained staff to determine quantity, style, condition, measurement, and brand. Our sort team processes one (1) bag at a time and physically touches every single pair, then inputs the quantity, style, condition, measurement, and brand data into our proprietary operating system. Approximately 90% of all footwear received through our sneaker recycling program is reusable and resaleable, while 10% is considered unusable and recyclable. 

As a leader in sneaker resale and recycling, we partner with a multitude of vendors to responsibly recycle end-of-life footwear. We have tested programs such as grinding sneakers to reuse certain materials like rubber, foam and textile, waste to energy programs, upcycling into new, reusable products, and more. Our team is constantly searching for end-of-life recycling solutions and we remain open to all ideas and efforts to ensure sustainability within our industry.

No. GotSneakers is not a 501(c)(3) organization. We do not issue tax receipts.

If you are looking to set up a multi-location sneaker recycling campaign, please send us an email with a brief description of your campaign and our support team will assist you further. 

Yes, absolutely. Many of our sneaker recycling partners create an account to raise money for family, friends, a favorite charity, and many other causes. Simply input the payee information for your desired cause at the time of your registration, then all eCheck payments associated with your sneaker recycling program will be made payable to and sent to your designated payee.

We use a multitude of sources including academic research from educational institutions (i.e., MIT) to retrieve environmental impact data associated with the lifecycle of footwear from production to end-of-life. Our proprietary system then uses the data to calculate the impact on a per account basis based on the quantity of footwear associated with each respective account.

We have created a closed loop solution for the sneaker recycling poly mailer bags that are returned to us from our partners. 100% of the poly mailer material (polyethylene) is baled and shipped to a U.S. based manufacturer to reuse the polyethylene material during their manufacturing process.

Currently, we do not operate in Canada.

Currently, we do not operate in Alaska.

Currently, we do not operate in Hawaii.

Currently, we do not operate in Puerto Rico.

Currently, we do not have a sneaker recycling operation internationally. However, we do have many micro-enterprise customers in the Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

We do not require our partners to take photos of their sneakers. However, photos can be a good secondary source of information in case there are questions about the Payment & Impact reporting.

Currently, we do not provide photos to our sneaker recycling partners. However, we are actively testing photography technology and intend to implement a photography solution in the future.

No. GotSneakers does not sell your personal information.

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