4 Sneaker Brands That Promote Sustainability

In the fight against climate change, everyone has a role to play; from you as the consumer all the way up the supply chain to the manufacturer. Sneakers have remained a wardrobe staple and if the sales figures from manufacturers are anything to go by, our appetite for sneakers only seems to increase.

The problem with sneakers, however, is that they need constant replacing, as newer trends emerge and wear and tear happens. The good news is that several leading sneaker brands have committed to reducing carbon emissions and adopting new manufacturing practices aimed at lessening the impact on the environment.

We have a roundup of 4 sneaker brands that promote sustainability.


Nike is a household name in the sneaker industry and is a brand associated with sporting excellence and superior craftsmanship. The sneaker brand has made decent efforts toward zero waste and zero carbon emission to help protect the environment. Nike’s sustainable sneakers feature up to 75% recycled materials and showcase the same great aesthetics, durability, and performance you demand and expect from Nike.

Since 2019, Nike has recovered 31 million water bottles from landfills and ocean plastics for use on their sustainable sneakers. The sneaker brand has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation and has made significant progress in reducing carbon emissions and wastage of water.


The sneaker brand represented by its three stripes has recently partnered with Allbirds and Parley to help cut down on ocean plastic waste and also to help lower carbon footprints.

Through its partnership with Allbirds, natural materials are used with both the shoe creation and the packaging itself which helps to reduce emissions released in the air. The shoe collaboration which promises to be 63% less carbon will be made available to the public in 2022.

Since linking up with Parley, Adidas has recycled over 4.5 billion plastic bottles and reused them within their apparel line. With their mission to end plastic waste, Adidas has a goal to create 15-20 million pairs of recycled shoes from this collaboration.


The sneaker manufacturer earns its place among the top sustainable sneaker brands by introducing recycled and plant-based sneakers, and tree planting initiatives. Reebok’s goal is to “build a fitter planet without compromising on performance.”

The sneaker brand has unveiled a line of bio-based running shoes whose tops are made from organic cotton while the soles are made from corn. The goal is to ultimately create a range of plant-based shoes that are easy to compost once discarded.


Sketchers is a family-focused sneaker manufacturer founded on the philosophy of putting people first. Respect for human rights is of key importance in the whole sustainability agenda. Since 2016 the sneaker brand has achieved an 85% reduction in packaging plastics with shipping cartons being 100% recyclable. Unlike most sneaker brands, Sketchers uses soy or water-based pigments that easily degrade in the environment and are non-hazardous.  As the third-largest sneaker brand worldwide, Sketchers has committed to sustainable manufacturing practices as it expands its global presence.

At GotSneakers, we understand the importance of sustainability and giving back to the planet. To date, we have recycled and repurposed over 2.5 million pairs of sneakers (and counting!). Want to support the cause? Start simple. Send your sneakers to us and we will pay you for each pair that comes in. It’s that easy to get started!


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