Sneaker Drive Tips: How to Effectively Engage with Supporters on Social Media

Your friends and family are often your greatest supporters when you’re committed to a cause, but just like the rest of your social network, they need to be kept engaged.

Social media is a powerful tool for maintaining connections with those who champion your vision. Use these four methods to maximize the effectiveness of your social interactions.

1. Make Connections Through Stories

Do your supporters know the story behind the organization you work with or the group you run with? Are they familiar with why you’re so passionate about hosting a sneaker drive fundraiser?? Sharing the reason for your commitment adds heart to your social media presence and creates a personal connection with your followers. It opens the door for conversations and prompts people to share their own insights and experiences.

2. Show Some Love

Your supporters are the reason you can continue devoting time to the things about which you care the most. Let them know you appreciate all they do by highlighting them on your social media accounts.

Pick a “contributor of the week,” post his or her picture and share your gratitude for how he or she contributed to your sneaker drive. People love being recognized, and your fundraiser will get more exposure as these posts are shared around multiple social media feeds.

3. Use the GotSneakers Fundraising Toolkit

When you sign up to host a sneaker drive we’ll send you a toolkit that includes flyers and social media graphics to promote your fundraiser.Share these informative graphics on your social media profiles and invite others to share them too – the more people who know about your fundraiser the better!

4. Always Be Present

Social media engagement doesn’t happen on its own, even when you are mostly connecting with people you know well. You can’t just make a post and disappear. It’s essential to stay on top of comments and questions and to be involved in social conversations on a daily basis. Check your feeds for responses, and reply whenever it’s appropriate. This shows your friends and family that you’re committed to fundraising and invested in the cause.

As you continue to strengthen connections with supporters through social media, you should see an increase in engagement across all your channels. Including friends and family in your efforts reinforces relationships and gives everyone a personal attachment to your cause. The more you reach out, the more your supporters will give back through engagement, sharing and contributions.


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