3 Tips for Reaching Your Sneaker Drive Goals

Your school or fundraising organization may depend on contributions to fund certain activities and programs. As a result, you have to set and meet fundraising goals frequently, which can be complex and put you under a lot of pressure. Fortunately, these three tips can keep you on the right path toward accomplishing your sneaker drive fundraiser goals.

1. Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

With the organizing that goes into running any kind of fundraiser, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Day-to-day tasks become mundane and seem to overshadow the true point of your fundraiser, which is to support your cause. Make sure that you have time to step away from your sneaker drive and unwind. Take that time to remind yourself about the bigger purpose behind your fundraiser and why you’re collecting sneakers. Doing so will keep you motivated in order to achieve your goals.

However, you don’t want to end up on the opposite side of the spectrum: letting the bigger picture blind you. Sometimes, it’s easy to let your passion for a cause keep you from working on other activities and taking care of yourself. Focusing on your well-being is vital for you to continue working for your cause.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media and Challenge Others

In 2020, you might have to get creative to overcome social distancing measures and spread the word about your sneaker drive fundraiser in order to reach your goals. Luckily, you can do this in many ways, such as creating a fundraising page or website. You can send emails to friends, family and others in your community. Consider contacting your local news outlets as well.

Most importantly, take advantage of social media. Post regularly about your sneaker drive with a link to your website or fundraising page. Use engaging content, and make sure that your followers have information about how to contribute their old sneakers to your cause. Additionally, use your social media posts to challenge others to join your cause and spread the word about your fundraiser.

3. Break Down Your Big Goal into Smaller Goals

While having an overall goal is an essential part of running a sneaker drive, it can appear overwhelming to tackle. To make it more achievable, break it up into smaller milestones. By working toward smaller objectives, you’ll see progress faster.

However, don’t forget to hold your team and yourself accountable too. You can do that by recognizing when you’re off target in meeting your smaller milestones. Adjust your collection strategy, and use the low numbers to fuel your efforts for the following months. Then, when you meet your smaller objectives, take the time to thank your supporters and yourself. This will boost morale and motivation to keep working toward your overall goal.

Use these tips to reach your GotSneakers fundraising goals.


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