2 Big Benefits to Hosting a Shoe Drive

Imagine raising funds for your school, club or organization and benefiting others at the same time without having to ask anyone for money. This is exactly what happens when you host a shoe drive fundraiser!

When you start your sneaker drive with GotSneakers you simply collect used sneakers from your friends, family and colleagues and then ship them to us using pre-paid shipping labels that we will provide to you. Once we receive the sneakers from your sneaker drive, we’ll pay you up to $7 per qualifying pair depending on the style, condition, and brand. It’s really as simple as that.

What happens with the shoes that you send us? We help distribute them to the more than 600 million people worldwide who don’t own a single pair of shoes. Keep reading to learn how shoe drives help you raise money and do good in the world!

Hosting a Shoe Drives Benefits Your Community

GotSneakers provides everything you need to host a shoe drive with no upfront investment. We send you promotional materials, pre-paid shipping labels and collection bags. It’s easy to get started gathering sneakers from friends and neighbors and thereby earn some cash.

You can then use the money to support local causes, such as youth programs, animal shelters or disaster relief efforts. The money is yours to do as you choose.

Shoe Drives Help Prevent Disease From Spreading

Sneakers and other types of shoes are essential in remote areas where parasitic diseases are common. Going barefoot in these regions can lead to illnesses caused when parasites infect the unprotected feet. These diseases can debilitate or cripple children and adults, leaving them unable to care for themselves. Unfortunately, shoes are often in short supply or unaffordable for people in these regions, leaving these people vulnerable to easily preventable diseases.

The next time you need money for your group or a local cause, setup a fundraiser with GotSneakers  to host a shoe drive. The sneakers just sitting in closets around your town will get a second life by bringing health and education opportunities to others, and you get the money you need to continue doing good in and around your community.


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