PTO Fundraising Ideas for the New School Year

PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) fundraising is an essential component of supporting educational programs, extracurricular activities, and other initiatives that enrich the school experience.

Are you on the hunt for fresh and effective PTO fundraising ideas?

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into a variety of creative and impactful fundraising strategies that can energize your school community, engage parents, and make a significant difference in achieving your fundraising goals.

Virtual Fun Run for Unity and Support:

Amidst the rise of virtual events, consider organizing a Virtual Fun Run where students, families, and teachers can participate from their own neighborhoods.

Encourage participants to register, pledge a certain distance, and gather sponsorships from friends and family. This idea fosters community spirit while raising funds for your PTO.

Digital Auction Extravaganza:

Host an online auction featuring a wide array of items, experiences, and services donated by local businesses and community members.

With an easy-to-use online platform, participants can bid on their desired items, all while supporting your PTO’s initiatives.

Collaborative Virtual Workshops:

Offer virtual workshops led by parents, teachers, or local experts on topics ranging from cooking and crafts to fitness and financial planning.

Participants pay a registration fee to join these interactive sessions, with a portion of the proceeds contributing to your PTO’s projects.

Eco-Friendly Fundraiser: Plant Sale:

Promote sustainability and gardening by hosting a plant sale featuring various potted plants, succulents, or herbs.

Collaborate with local nurseries for donations and sales, encouraging families to embrace eco-friendly practices while supporting your PTO.

Themed Virtual Bingo Night:

Organize a lively virtual bingo night for families, complete with fun themes and exciting prizes.

Participants purchase bingo cards, and the event includes engaging rounds of bingo, trivia questions, and opportunities for interactive family bonding.

Digital Cookbook Creation:

Compile a digital cookbook filled with cherished family recipes from your school community.

Parents and teachers can submit their favorite dishes, along with personal stories. Sell the cookbook online, and the proceeds contribute to your PTO’s initiative.

Sneaker Drive Fundraiser:

Host a sneaker drive fundraiser by signing up for a free collection kit from GotSneakers. We’ll send you sneaker collection bags and give you digital marketing materials to raise awareness for your fundraiser.

Ask teachers, students, and parents to clean out their closets and contribute their old sneakers to the drive.

We’ll pay you up to $7 per pair of sneakers you send in (and we’ll pay for the shipping, too)!

Collaborative Community Art Show:

Celebrate creativity with a virtual art show where students, parents, and teachers can submit their artworks for display.

Host a virtual gallery opening and invite families to view the artworks and bid on their favorites in support of your PTO.

DIY Craft Fair for All Ages:

Encourage families to create and donate handmade crafts or artworks, which can be showcased and sold at a virtual or physical craft fair.

This idea not only sparks creativity but also brings together diverse talents in your school community.

Online Workshop Series:

Develop a series of online workshops, covering topics from parenting tips to personal development. Participants register for these sessions and gain valuable insights while contributing to your PTO’s fundraising efforts.

Online Fitness Challenge:

Host a virtual fitness challenge that promotes health while supporting your PTO.

Participants pledge to complete a certain number of workouts within a specified timeframe, seeking sponsorships from friends and family.

With these innovative PTO fundraising ideas, you’re equipped to infuse fresh energy into your school community while achieving your fundraising goals.


By embracing virtual platforms, fostering creativity, and catering to diverse interests, you can engage parents, teachers, and students in collaborative initiatives that not only raise funds but also strengthen the sense of unity and support within your school ecosystem.


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