PTA Fundraising Tips: How to Get Teachers Involved

Teachers give so much of themselves while helping children to learn on a daily basis. When it comes to school fundraising, it can be a daunting task on the seemingly never-ending list of things to do for educators.

Here are a few PTA fundraising tips to encourage participation from your child’s teachers:

Make It Easy – The less complicated a fundraiser is, the more likely you are to get participation from teachers and parents.

Simple fundraising ideas such as hanging a pinata somewhere in the school where donors can drop spare coins (or dollars) to raise funds for the school is an easy way to get teachers and the administrative staff involved.

At the end of the campaign, the PTA would organize a celebration or dinner to bust open the pinata and tally up the donations. It is recommended that you pick and place pinatas that collect coins and dollars in popular places where cash is needed such as vending machines.

Bake or No-Bake – Bake sales are a time-honored school tradition for raising money in a limited time.

While this kind of PTA fundraiser reminds parents of their own school days, for safety reasons it’s often best to stick to store-bought goodies and a variety of items that won’t incite allergic reactions.

A book sale or yard sale where students and teachers can bring in unused items is a great idea too. It helps to declutter the home and gets teachers involved in an easy way.

Sneakers – Teachers will be the first to tell you about the plethora of items children leave behind. Parents will certainly agree, and add that children not only lose their stuff often, but they also outgrow them quickly too.

Hosting a sneaker drive fundraiser allows both parents and teachers to recycle their sneakers while helping to raise funds for their cause. The GotSneakers fundraising process is easy as collection materials come with bags that can hold between 15 to 20 pairs of shoes and a pre-paid shipping label is also sent to the PTA.

To keep things simple for teachers, the PTA would request an organized area for sneaker drop off and collection. Once the collection has finished, a representative from the group can ship the shoes off. One received, GotSneakers will pay the school up to $3 per pair of shoes received.

Fundraising can be a great time to get both students and parents involved together; however, following easy tips and suggestions may help to bring teachers into the process as well. The easier it is to participate the more likely people are to get involved!


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