PTA Alternative Fundraiser: Tips for Going Virtual!

If you run PTA fundraisers at your child’s school, you know that raising money is crucial for supporting programs that provide valuable education and experiences to students. However, the 2020-21 school year presents a challenge as school systems and families navigate the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, there are virtual alternatives to traditional fundraising that allow for social distancing while maximizing the opportunity to raise money. The main obstacle remaining is how to engage the community to make a PTA alternative fundraiser a success. Here are some tips to make your virtual fundraiser exciting!

PTA Alternative Fundraiser Tips: Getting Started

Since this may be the first alternative fundraiser or online event that you and your PTA members work on, members will probably have questions about how it works. Because of that, you need to answer their questions and troubleshoot any issues before the fundraiser goes live.

Also, you need to optimize your communications with the community to engage their support. You can do this by creating targeted content for them. By personalizing your emails or other online messages, you avoid sending them information that isn’t relevant to their tasks in the fundraiser, which keeps them more focused.

Third, use the emails or messages to communicate the goals for the fundraiser. Knowing that there’s a specific goal to hit can inspire and motivate the PTA members. To increase their motivation, outline how the funds will be used, such as using $400 to purchase new art supplies or science lab equipment.

A final way to engage the PTA members is to send reminder emails and important updates before the alternative fundraiser ends. You can schedule reminder emails to send one week or just a few days beforehand. Doing so will save you some time and stress from trying to get it done at the last minute.

During the Alternative Fundraiser

During traditional fundraisers, it can be a challenge to keep the PTA members engaged in the event, and even though it can be more difficult during a virtual fundraiser, there are several ways to maintain the community’s attention and motivation.

The first way is to use videoconferencing or live streaming as much as possible to imitate the face-to-face interaction that volunteers and attendees would normally get at a school fundraising event. Other ways include periodically asking survey questions, hosting side sessions for private communication, and allowing comments and questions in real-time.

Finally, make sure that everyone on your team can see the alternative fundraiser’ss goal progress. You could create a virtual thermostat that fills up as you get closer to the goal. Another idea is to post regular updates on a Facebook or Twitter page or in team emails.

Here’s an Idea for a PTA Alternative Fundraiser

Hosting a sneaker drive fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your PTA while maintaining social distancing guidelines. When you sign up (it’s free) with GotSneakers we’ll send you sneaker collection bags you can place around the school or in the community. From there just let your PTA members know where to drop off their unwanted shoes and start collecting!

Although a GotSneakers drive requires physically collecting unwanted sneakers, you can still host a virtual event to promote it. You can use the virtual event to notify supporters of when and where to drop off their sneakers. When you enlist PTA members to help you organize and collect, use the tips above to engage with them and keep them motivated to reach the fundraiser goals.


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