Profitable PTA Fundraising Ideas for Your School

It can be difficult to raise funds to make your school a better place. While some fundraising ideas are good on paper, they may not have enough earning potential. To help your PTA raise money for your school, consider these profitable PTA fundraising ideas.

Peer-to-Peer Campaigns and Crowdfunding

Peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding are great ways for the whole community to get involved. With a peer-to-peer fundraiser, the top PTA members host their own campaign pages. Then, they promote their pages on their social media accounts. This allows their relatives, friends, co-workers, and other contacts to contribute to the school.

With crowdfunding, the PTA as a whole can create a campaign on a crowdfunding platform and set a goal. Then, the school can promote the crowdfunding campaign on its website, newsletter, and social media accounts. The PTA members can also promote it on their social media pages.

Hobbies and Crafts Fair

Although it’s one of the most classic PTA fundraising ideas, holding a fair for hobbies and crafts is a creative option. Students, parents, and teachers can contribute to crafts that they’ve made or share their hobbies with the community.

Everyone who makes arts and crafts can sell or auction their work and the PTA can keep a percentage of the profits. Some of the participants may contribute all of their profits to the fundraiser. Your PTA could charge a small entry fee and sell light refreshments to boost the profits further.

Movie Party

Whether you use the school gym or an open field, a movie party is a unique PTA fundraising idea that you can do. If you want to dial it up a notch, give the movie party a theme.

Rather than rent projection equipment, your PTA can save money by borrowing some. Next, choose one or two age-appropriate movies and charge for tickets to see them. Any parent knows that snacks and concessions are a necessity, which you can charge for as well. A good tip is to sell the tickets ahead of time so that you know how much refreshments to prepare.

Grab Bag Fundraiser

Selling grab bags to raise money for your school is one of the most exciting PTA fundraising ideas, especially for elementary school students. The reason is that they can’t see what’s in the bags until after they buy them.

In general, you fill multiple bags with a variety of items and charge a flat fee for each bag, such as $5. If you want to appeal to middle school students, parents and teachers, add more expensive items to the bags and charge $10 or more. In either case, you can reach out to stores and other sponsors to contribute the bagged items.

GotSneakers Shoe Drive

While the above PTA fundraising ideas are excellent, hosting a GotSneakers shoe drive is even better. There are absolutely no startup costs or penalty fees, and GotSneakers will send you free materials for promoting the fundraiser. You’ll also receive collection and shipping materials for the sneakers that your community contributes.

Furthermore, your PTA doesn’t have to handle any money except for the digital payment that GotSneakers sends for the collected shoes. All of these benefits make this fundraising idea a great way to raise money while helping the environment and people around the world.


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