Options for Quick Summer Fundraisers

Summer is usually a slow period for fundraisers. Despite that, the right fundraiser idea can generate money for any cause. The key is to host an event that’s entertaining and avoids the heat. These five summer fundraiser ideas check both of those boxes.

1. Video Game Streaming

If your target audience involves kids and young-at-heart adults, you can use video games to get contributions to your cause. Many organizations have raised millions of dollars through gaming fundraisers.

All that it requires is creating a fundraising page and scheduling a game night on your favorite streaming channel. Then, you play games for an extended amount of time, and viewers can send money through subscription tiers. You can make the event more exciting by inviting well-known players or giving away prizes.

2. Online Dance-Off

Similarly, a dance marathon is an activity that you can hold in an event space or via streaming it online. Those who wish to contribute to your cause can buy a pass into the event.

For an online dance-off, their participation would provide the music and require a video feed. Whoever is left dancing at the end could be awarded a prize from your organization.

3. Crowdfunding Event

Crowdfunding has become a popular form of fundraising over the last 10 years because it’s a great way for people to contribute to causes. In fact, there are hundreds of crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Crowdrise.

Organizations of all kinds make thousands to millions of dollars on these websites. Some of them use crowdfunding to support charitable causes. Others use it to get an injection of capital that’s used for the design and development of new products.

4. Sneakers Drive

Holding a sneaker drive through GotSneakers is one of the easiest and most rewarding summer fundraisers because it supports two causes at once: your cause and the GotSneakers’ mission.

When you register, you’ll receive all of the marketing and collection tools that you need to make your fundraiser successful. You can spread awareness about your shoe drive through email and social media. Volunteers, family, and friends can spread awareness and provide support as well.

As people drop off sneakers at the location of your choosing, you can fill up the collection bags that you received from GotSneakers. You can ship each bag as it fills or all together at the end of your fundraiser. About the middle of the following month, you’ll receive money for the sneakers that you collected. Then, people around the world who don’t have shoes will receive a pair.


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