Need a Last-Minute Fundraising Idea for Your Summer Camp?

Making your summer camp a fantastic and memorable experience every year takes a lot of work and some serious fundraising power. If you find yourself coming up short this season, try these ideas for bringing in last-minute funds.

Cans and Bottles and Electronics, Oh My!

A recycling campaign can be lucrative without requiring a single request for monetary donations.

Depending on the facilities available in your community, you may be able to collect bottles and cans, empty ink cartridges, cell phones or small electronics and turn them in for cash.

Maximize the reach of your campaign by partnering with a local recycling center or an earth-friendly organization to gather up as many recyclables as possible from around the community.

Take Out (and Sell) the Trash

Everybody has stuff they don’t want and fully intend to get rid of, but sometimes they need a little motivation. Give them an excuse to stop procrastinating with a yard sale fundraiser.

Invite the community to donate items for sale or auction, and take the opportunity to clear out anything the camp doesn’t need.

Hold the sale at the camp or in a central place in the community, and promote it through community calendars and news outlets to attract a big crowd.

Gather Up Those Old Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoe drives are easy to organize and simple to execute when you partner with a group, like GotSneakers, providing all the necessary marketing and shipping materials.

Pretty much everyone has new or gently used shoes they either don’t like or no longer want, especially parents with kids who have recently gone through growth spurts. Get $1.00 in exchange for every pair you collect when you and your friends clean out your closets and contribute.

Show Up in Mailboxes

Don’t write off direct mail because it seems outdated. The personal nature of physical letters generates between five and nine times as many responses as digital marketing, so it’s well worth your time to write a donation request with a compelling call-to-action.

Find a low-cost service online or in your community to design an eye-catching envelope and prepare your letters on branded stationery. Be sure to send thank-you notes to everyone who contributes!

It doesn’t take long to raise much-needed funds for your summer camp when you get the community involved with your efforts. Pick the ideas you know will attract the most attention, and watch the donations roll in.


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