Need a Kid-Friendly Fundraiser for 2019? Try These Fun (and Effective) Ideas

Kids thrive when hosting fundraisers in which they can be active participants to raise money for their school, club or something else they are personally involved in.

Give these kid-friendly fundraisers to try this year:

Community Cook Off

Is your community full of amazing cooks and local celebrity chefs? Invite them to pit their culinary prowess against each other in a fun and friendly contest hosted at your child’s school.

Choose a theme, such as chili, cookies or mac and cheese, and let contest attendees be the judges.

Ask people to vote with a donation placed in a box or jar by the dish they liked most. Have a small prize for the chef who collects the most money, such as a gift card to a cooking store or a basket of items provided by businesses in the area.

Car Wash

Car washes are good fundraisers for kids in middle school and high school.

Promote the fundraiser in community newspapers , on social media, and with flyers in prominent places, letting people know where and when they can get their car cleaned for less than the cost of a trip through a no-touch wash.

You can set a specific price per wash or ask people to donate whatever they wish in exchange for a squeaky-clean vehicle.

As a bonus, the kids get to learn how to properly wash and dry and car so that they’ll be prepared to take care of their own vehicles when they start driving.

Athletic Shoe Drive

Kids grow out of shoes quickly, and parents don’t always know what to do with these lightly used and nearly new pairs. Plus others around the community, especially people who run or play tennis, are also likely to have athletic shoes they’re no longer using.

When you team up with an organization like GotSneakers to host an athletic shoe drive, you’ll work with a company whose sole mission is to help recycle sneakers to keep them out of landfills!

Involve the kids every step of the way from promotion to bagging up and sending off the athletic shoes so that they can see the big impact their fundraiser has made.

Being involved in a fundraiser helps kids learn how to get organized, connect with the community and be responsible with money. They’ll feel a well-earned sense of accomplishment when the donations are tallied up and they see the results of all their hard work.


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