Meet Your Fall Fundraising Goals with These Creative Ideas

Is your organization or non-profit planning a fall fundraiser? This time of year offers great opportunities to get creative with campaigns. Try one of these fall fundraising ideas to engage your community and have fun while raising the money you need.

Rake Up Donations

Some people enjoy raking autumn leaves, but most would rather have help with the chore. Why not give them your services in exchange for a donation? Let your neighbors know why you’re raising funds, and watch the money come in as everyone realizes they don’t have to worry about taking care of their yards this year and can do good at the same time.

Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

If your community doesn’t have a nearby pumpkin patch, bring the pumpkin patch to them with a sale on behalf of your group. You can sell tickets for pumpkins of all sizes, purchase the pumpkins in bulk and have a set pickup date.

When contributors present their tickets, they get to select a pumpkin of the appropriate size. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase a collection of pumpkins and set up a booth to sell them at a local outdoor venue.

Get Fancy with Footwear

Kids grow squickly and as growth spurts s spur frantic trips to the shoe store, you can take advantage of the seasonal rush to fuel your fundraiser with a GotSneakers shoe drive.

Simply collect gently used shoes and mail them to GotSneakers using a prepaid shipping label and GotSneakers will pay you $1 per pair of shoes you send in!

Celebrate the Harvest

Invite the community to experience the sights, sounds, smells and crisp air of fall at a harvest festival where all the proceeds go toward your fundraising goals. Sell booth or table space to local artisans, groups and farmers; set up fall-themed games; sell fall foods; and charge a reasonable admission for adults and kids to get in on the fun. If there’s already a harvest festival in your area, consider setting up a booth and hosting a raffle or selling baked goods.

Fall fundraising is more enjoyable when you embrace the spirit of the season and involve the people in your community. Don’t just ask for donations; turn your campaign into a unique seasonal event.


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