Insider Tips on How to Host an Amazing Athletic Shoe Drive

Are you ready to make a big impact with your next athletic shoe drive? Try these insider tips to reach as many people as possible through your efforts.

Connect with the Managers at Athletic Shoe Stores

Many people simply throw away or recycle old athletic shoes when they buy new pairs.

Touch base with the managers of local footwear outlets to see if they’d be willing to collect old athletic shoes from shoppers when they come in to buy new athletic shoes. Runners in particular change athletic shoes often, so if there’s a running or sports shop in the area, you could collect a decent number of athletic shoes in a short period of time.

Some business owners may even be willing to donate inventory to support your efforts.

Leverage the Power of Youth

Kids, teens and millennials are searching for meaningful activities that help their communities. They want to get involved and help others, and a athletic shoe drive is a great way to fulfill this desire.

Talk with clubs and groups at local schools and churches, and explain why you’re collecting athletic shoes. Let the kids brainstorm collection ideas, and get educators involved to put ideas into action.

If you’re running your athletic shoe drive through an existing organization, make sure your helpers have access to the free marketing materials provided by GotSneakers.

Give a Presentation

Find a local venue, club or library willing to give you space and time to talk about your fundraiser and the important impact of athletic shoe drives on communities around the globe.

Explain how athletic shoes go toward creating valuable micro-enterprises for people in less fortunate areas of the world, and offer details about how you intend to use the money you raise during the drive.

People love the idea of being able to turn something they’re no longer using into a blessing for others, so tailor your talk to show exactly how their donations will help.

Be Visible Everywhere

Video is big on all platforms these days, so why not make a short clip about your fundraiser and share it across social media channels? Have everyone helping with the athletic shoe drive do the same to reach an even wider network.

Share pictures of your outreach efforts during the fundraiser, and don’t forget to announce any special collection events in advance!

Getting creative with outreach puts your athletic shoe drive in front of more people in and around your community. Repeat the most fruitful strategies to ensure success in all your future fundraisers.


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