Ideas for Sustainable Projects in 2022

Have a happy green new year with the below sustainable project ideas to take on in 2022.

Eat Less Meat

When eating meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner try cutting down on red meat, chicken and fish. Instead, eat more vegetables and fruits with your meals. You don’t have to go cold turkey, you can take baby steps and try once a week like meatless Monday or meatless Sunday until you gradually get in the habit of a meatless diet. Not eating red meat can significantly reduce emissions for the environment. Just be sure to do it at your pace and comfort level.

BYOWB (Bring Your Own Water Bottle)

Instead of buying tons and tons of plastic water bottles, get one water bottle and fill that up with water whenever you please. You can purchase a water bottle of whatever size you want with whatever design you want. Whether you want it to be pink with butterflies or blue with motorcycles. They even have water bottles with your favorite superhero or animal. A reusable water bottle could really help the environment. You’re also saving money on spending so much on plastic water bottles all the time.

Air Dry Your Clothes

After you’re done washing your clothes, instead of putting them in the dryer you could hang them outside to dry.

Reusable Bags for Groceries

See if your local grocery store offers reusable bags to pack up your items rather than using plastic bags. You can bring them with you every time you go to the grocery store or any store for that matter. Reusable bags can help preserve the planet and last a really long time.

Walk More, Ride Less

When you need to leave your house think about how short of a distance it is and if it’s really short try ditching your car. Instead of driving your car you can walk or ride a bike to your destination. When we’re in a safer era, if it’s you and another person or other people try carpooling and going in one car instead of multiple. You can also try public transportation such as a bus. By driving your car less you’re reducing the amount of fuel emission and we would be able to get cleaner air. Not to mention, you’re saving money on gas which gives you a bigger wallet for the new year.

Recycling Sneakers

Speaking of walking and a bigger wallet, if you happen to have old sneakers you’re looking to get rid of, look no further and get in touch with GotSneakers. You can make room in your closet for new sneakers and earn cash for every pair of sneakers you send us.  This happens simultaneously while doing good for the planet. Our mission is to inspire the sneaker community to recycle and reuse quality pre-owned sneakers.

Our programs keep sneakers out of landfills and reduce toxic chemicals from being released into our air and soil. All sneakers from our Individual Seller program are recirculated to people who want quality, reusable footwear at affordable prices or repurposed into new surfaces such as playgrounds and tracks. Learn more today.





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