How to Promote Your Holiday Sneaker Drive

Special contribution requests abound during the holiday season, but if you’re running a sneaker drive, you have an advantage. Instead of money, you’re asking people to give something they’re not using in order to benefit those in need. Here’s how to promote your unique fundraiser to maximize your sneaker collection efforts this holiday season.

1.Have a Party on Behalf of Your Sneaker Drive

Whether you’re hosting a party at your home, attending one at work or are planning a community event for your organization, holiday gatherings are perfect times to collect sneakers. Talk with your boss about adding a “cover charge” of one pair of sneakers to the annual office Christmas party, or ask friends, family and supporters to bring along a pair when they come to your event.

2.Rally Your Church Family

Churches have multiple get-togethers around Christmas, and ministry opportunities are often listed in weekly bulletins. Talk with your pastor and your friends at church about your sneaker drive, and ask people to bring in as many pairs of sneakers as they can during the holiday season. Encourage them to spread the word to others they know in the community, and ask them to pray for a successful outcome so that you can touch as many lives as possible.

3.Hit Up Local Running Stores

Runners change or upgrade their sneakers frequently, and their old pairs are often in better condition than those sitting in the closets of people who are less athletic. Talk to the managers of any running stores in your area, and ask if they would help by suggesting customers contribute old pairs of sneakers when they buy new ones. Since these shops are high-traffic areas for people who go through a lot of sneakers, word should spread fast.

4.Be a Social (Media) Butterfly

Adorn your Facebook and Twitter profiles with banners announcing your holiday sneaker drive, and pin informative posts to the top of every social media feed. If you run a non-profit and have an email list, send a series of reminders about the fundraiser with social sharing links included at the bottom.

People naturally feel more giving during the holidays, and their hearts are open to those less fortunate. The more creative you are with your promotional efforts, the more you’ll stand out from other organizations asking for contributions and benefit from the heightened generosity of the season.


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