How to Get Parents Excited About PTA Fundraisers

Parents aren’t always enthusiastic about school fundraisers. Many already feel overwhelmed and dread the idea of getting involved in yet another activity. How can you turn their trepidation into a passion for your cause? Follow the tips below!

Present Clear Goals

Explain your “why” when asking for support or donations. Parents want to know what you’re raising money for and where it will go when you meet your goal. To show how your PTA fundraiser benefits the school and the students, offer a breakdown of how you intend to use the funds.

Be clear about specific needs you’re fulfilling and keep the lines of communication open to address any questions parents may have during the PTA fundraiser.

Know (and Utilize) Your Best Resources

Everyone knows the “go-to” people in your district for planning, coordinating, organizing and promoting, so don’t be afraid to ask for their help!

Consider the strengths of those within the PTA and look outside of the organization for other parents with relevant skills. Give everyone a job where they can put these skills to work, and you’ll have a dynamic team to see your PTA fundraiser through to completion.

Let Kids Be Your Champions

When kids enjoy an activity, their enthusiasm can spread to parents. Start with a common goal for your PTA fundraiser and encourage friendly competition among students as they work to achieve it.

You can give each classroom its own smaller goal or organize teams and keep a chart of which team has raised the most. Offer a school-wide incentive everyone can enjoy, such as a field day or a party, as a reward once the overall goal is reached.

Appeal to Compassion

People support causes, not fundraisers, so why not expand your efforts this year to reach beyond the needs of the school? For example, if you host a sneaker drive fundraiser with GotSneakers you’re not only gathering up gently used athletic shoes for the sake of paying for supplies or a field trip but also giving everyone involved a chance to change lives around the world. Your old athletic shoes will be received by people in impoverished nations around the world who desperately need affordable footwear.

Starting an athletic shoe drive fundraiser with GotSneakers to raise money changes the dynamics of your campaign and gives you a bigger more impactful story to tell.

Just like kids, parents need motivation and prefer to be involved with activities they enjoy. Increase engagement by focusing your PTA fundraiser on something meaningful and making the process fun for everyone.


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