Guide For a Sustainable School Year

The start of a new school year is an opportunity to double down on efforts to reduce waste and carbon footprint. The integration of sustainability in education is sure to help nurture a generation of environment-conscious global citizens. The benefits are numerous and what better way to go about conservation than to involve the next generation of leaders?

As a parent, teacher, student, or school administrator, there are simple, cost-effective ways to reduce your school’s carbon footprint. Below is a roundup of tips and pointers on how to make your school year more sustainable.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics

Reducing dependence on single-use plastics is an effective way to help end environmental pollution. This year, make it one of your goals to promote the use of reusable water bottles and food containers. Where possible, the school should also make efforts to reduce the amount of single-use plastic-based supplies.

Reduce How Much You Spend On Back to School Shopping

A decent portion of school supplies for the new term may include items that may not need replacing. Why not use last year’s supplies instead? This would not only save you lots of money on possibly redundant purchases but will help you and your school move closer to its sustainability goals. Responsible consumption habits form a core tenet in the sustainability agenda.

Start or Join an Environmental Club

Being part of a larger collective whose mission is to conserve environmental sustainability in education makes achieving conserving goals much easier. Environmental clubs are effective at what they do partly because it demonstrates the school administration’s attitude toward sustainability. The second advantage to joining or starting an environmental club is the possibility of collaborations with similar-minded groups both within the school and in the community.

Aim to Reduce Water Waste This School Year

Reducing water wastage forms a huge part of the sustainability agenda. Does your school have any form of wastewater recycling? What’s the situation with the faucets and showerheads? Leaking taps account for extensive wastage of clean water every year. This new school year, it would be worthwhile replacing faulty plumbing, for sustainability’s sake.

Switch to Sustainable Fashion Choices

Setting the tone through fashion is on the top of kids’ checklists when heading back for the academic year. Take the time to research fashion brands that are made from recycled and natural materials while ensuring they are following the proper fair trade practices. Before heading out to purchase new sneakers for your kids, make sure to dispose of your old ones properly.

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