GotSneakers Shoe Drive: Guide for Schools & Clubs

Hosting a sneaker drive has quickly become a popular method of fundraising for schools and clubs. Along with raising money, it’s a very effective and simple way to encourage students to engage in community support.

If you’re concerned about the work that goes into organizing such a fundraiser for your school or club, take a look below at how easy it can be.

Step 1: Fill Out the GotSneakers Registration Form

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the GotSneakers homepage. It will redirect you to the registration form. If you don’t complete this registration, you’ll receive an email with more information about the program and a link to finish your registration.

Step 2: Recruit Volunteers

The parents of students who attend your school or are members of your club make great volunteers. They will be welcomed hands for promoting the sneaker drive and collecting the sneakers.

Step 3: Choose a Collection Location

You should choose a convenient place to collect the sneakers that students, club members or others contribute. If you’re holding the fundraiser for a club, the classroom or other space where the members meet is a good location. If your whole school is getting involved, homerooms and the gym are good options.

You can also place collection boxes at popular spots around the community, such as sneaker shops or gyms!

Step 4: Promote the Sneaker Drive

After completing the registration, GotSneakers will provide a free starter kit with five, prelabeled and prepaid shipping labels. As part of this kit, you’ll receive a variety of digital resources to help you promote your sneaker drive, including a downloadable email and social media marketing materials.

The overall goal is to collect as many pairs of old shoes as you can,’s important to encourage your community to go through their closets and see what they are willing to part with. Let them know that your school will earn up to $3 per pair of old sneakers you collect!

Step 5: Fill the Bags as the Sneakers Arrive

Give your contributors plenty of opportunities to give away their used and unwanted sneakers. As they hand them over, fill up the special bags that you received with your starter kit.

Each bag can hold 15 to 20 pairs of sneakers depending on their sizes. You can use your own bags if necessary. If you run out of pre-paid shipping labels just email GotSneakeres and we’ll send additional labels to you!

Step 6: Ship Your Collection

Whether or not you reach your collection goal, you can ship your bags of shoes to GotSneakers for free with prepaid shipping labels and you’ll earn up to $3 per pair. If you don’t have a lot of room to store the sneakers as they come in, you can ship each bag as it fills up.

Step 7: Receive Your Payment

When your collection bags arrive at GotSneakers, they’re labeled with a unique code so that we know where they came from. Then, the shoes are sorted according to condition, size, and style. You’ll receive a digital check by the 15th of the month after the shoes are processed. The payment will be based on the quality and condition of the shoes.


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