Get Your Coworkers Excited for a Cause with These Fundraising Ideas

It’s fundraising time again, and your kids are doing all they can to get as many donations as possible from friends and family. Here’s how you can help spread the word to an untapped network of potential donors: your coworkers.

Peddle Those Raffle Tickets

Raffles are popular fundraisers, especially for schools and local organizations. Find out your child’s goal for ticket sales, and decide how many you’d like to help him or her distribute.

Take the tickets to work, and let your coworkers know where the money is going and what types of prizes they could win. Give them an incentive to buy multiple tickets by really playing up the cause, whether it’s youth music, the arts, sports or a special trip.

Gather Unused Shoes

Shoe drives are appropriate fundraisers for kids of all ages because they don’t require selling products or asking for money.

Their friends and your coworkers probably have at least one pair of athletic shoes they no longer wear, and most people are more than willing to clear out their closets, especially if it’s for a good cause.

You can explain to coworkers that by giving up their old shoes to an organization like GotSneakers, those shoes are cleaned up and then sent to impoverished areas of the world where they take on a second life.

In places like the Caribbean, Central America, South America, West Africa, and Europe, citizens are in desperate need of footwear. Old shoes from you and your coworkers can help less fortunate people in these areas avoid disease and gain admission to schools that require the students to have footwear.

Plus, this keeps shoes out of landfills where they can take up to 40 years to decompose. It’s a win-win-win to run a sneaker-drive fundraiser!

Beat Boredom with Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good gaming tournament? Get your fellow cubicle dwellers out of the office to have some fun while raising money for a good cause.

You can set up the tournament yourself to help raise money for your child’s school, club or sports team or pass around information about a tournament someone else is heading up. To enter, participants typically pay a flat fee for each game they’d like to play.

Winners get a portion of the proceeds or a small prize. Encourage your coworkers to sign up with their own kids and make the tournament a family affair.

Spreading the word about your child’s fundraiser at work isn’t tacky or overbearing. In fact, it can help your kids learn how to approach new groups of people and give them the confidence to expand their own networks for future fundraisers.

Plus, it makes your coworkers aware of the causes for which your kids are raising money and gets everyone involved in activities and events dedicated to helping others.

If you’re considering a sneaker drive fundraiser, learn more about GotSneakers today!


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