Get a Head Start on 2020 PTA Fundraising

With 2020 fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your PTA fundraisers for the new year. Check out these four strategic and fun ways to bring in donations.

1. Lead a Health Initiative

Just about everyone makes a health resolution for the new year. Take advantage of the renewed focus on personal wellness to raise money for your school.

Ask parents with cooking experience, fitness instructor training or nutrition credentials if they’d be willing to teach classes at an event. Invite the community to attend a day of fun and informative health activities in exchange for a reasonable fee, touting the dual benefit of pursuing health and supporting the school.

2. Host a Shoe Drive

Shoe drives make great school fundraisers because they’re free to start and easy to host and promote. Hosting a sneaker drive is easy: You partner with an organization, like GotSneakers, who will provide you with marketing materials and collection bags before petitioning the community to give away used pairs of sneakers.

Since kids outgrow sneakers quickly and the new year often spurs parents to declutter, you shouldn’t have any trouble amassing a decent collection. GotSneakers will send you everything you need to collect the sneakers. Once they receive the shoes, you’ll receive compensation of up to $3 per pair to put toward meeting your fundraising goals.

The old sneakers you send in will either be recycled or will be cleaned and sent to impoverished regions of the world where gently used footwear is greatly needed.

3. Think Spring with a Plant Sale

By the time the end of winter rolls around, everyone in the community is itching to see a hint of green. Bring springtime to them with a plant sale fundraiser. Ask for donations from local nurseries, farms and gardening centers, and sell the plants at a special all-day event.

If you can get contributing businesses to donate gift cards or gardening supplies, as well, you can raffle these items off to raise extra money.

4. Text to Give

Texting is perhaps the quickest way for people in the community to donate to your school. Sign up for a text-to-give platform to receive a special donation phone number. Choose a code, such as “DONATE,” to share via email, social media, press releases, and other strategic platforms during your campaign.

Donors text the code to the number and are directed to the text-to-give platform to complete their donations.

Get these fundraisers on your calendar for 2020 now, and gather your team members to start preparing. When the new year arrives, you’ll be all set to engage the community through unique events and initiatives.


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