Fundraising Ideas for Schools: Host a Sneaker Drive and More!

Does your school club need money for supplies, activities or field trip expenses? If so, try these creative fundraising ideas to earn money quickly.

Host a Sneaker Drive

What if you could raise money for your club and help people around the world at the same time? You can if you choose to host a sneaker drive for your fundraiser with GotSneakers.

When you setup a fundraiser with GotSneakers you collect used sneakers from your friends, family, teachers and classmates and then ship them to GotSneakers using pre-paid shipping labels supplied to you by the GotSneakers team. Once received, GotSneakers will pay you $1 per pair of sneakers collected. From there you are free to use the money on any club activities you have in mind!

The shoes you collected will then be distributed to those in need around the world.

Start a Raffle

Raffles are perfect for school fundraising in tight-knit communities where everyone is familiar with local businesses, and would love the chance to win something from their favorite places.

Contact business owners and creative people in your town, and tell them why your club is trying to raise money. Ask if they’d be willing to donate prize items and to help promote your raffle to their customers. Sell tickets in batches to give donors as many opportunities as possible to win (and to earn more money for your fundraiser)!

Text It!

With “text-to-give” software, you can collect contributions from anyone with a smartphone who wants to support your school club.

Some platforms for this type of fundraising are free if you’re trying to raise only a small amount, and you get a dedicated number to which people can text a code to donate to your fundraiser. Look for a platform allowing donors to choose the amount to give. Promote your code and number around the community and on campus to encourage more donations.

These are just a few of the fundraising ideas your club can use to raise money for activities. Try them all to see which works best, and make the most of the contributions you receive to keep your club going strong.

To get started, register to host your sneaker drive with GotSneakers today. It’s free to do and easy to get setup!


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