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What type of footwear does GotSneakers accept for end-of-life recycling?

In addition to seeking high quality branded athletic sneakers to recirculate in secondhand markets, GotSneakers accepts moderately and heavily used athletic sneakers that might not have any life remaining in them. Our published sneaker guidelines details the type of athletic footwear that is acceptable for both resale and end-of-life recycling. We have worked with a multitude of vendors to responsibly recycle end-of-life footwear on an as needed basis. We have tested programs such as grinding sneakers to reuse materials like rubber, foam, and textile, incinerating MSW to convert waste into electricity, upcycling materials into new reusable products, as well as other recycling programs. As the industry leader in sneaker resale and recycling, we are constantly searching for alternative recycling solutions for end-of-life footwear and remain open to all ideas and efforts to ensure sustainability within our industry. 

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