Eco-Friendly Tips for Runners

So you have a knack for the outdoors? Or maybe you’re something of a fitness enthusiast. Ever wondered what impact your running lifestyle has on the environment? While a good run now and then will keep you in good shape, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure the environment stays in pristine condition as well. Below is a roundup of our top 3 eco-friendly tips for runners.

Buy Your Sneakers and Running Shoes from Sustainable Brands.

Sustainable manufacturing practice entails processes that aim to reduce the impact of producing specific goods which in this case are running shoes. Running shoes may be considered to be ‘sustainable’ if the shoe’s design, development, manufacture, and distribution minimize adverse environmental impacts. Additionally, all processes should be aligned at preserving natural resources, conserving energy, and are mindful of the safety and welfare of employees & their communities.

Consumers’ spending habits may influence a positive attitude towards environmental conservation and actually drive change. This has been evidenced by the surge in several sustainable sneaker brands. The most notable instances have been Adidas’ recycled ocean plastic shoes and Nike’s recycled factory plastic shoes that have gone on to set the lowest recorded carbon footprint score to date.

Want to make a difference next time you set out in your next race? Buy your next pair of running shoes from a sustainable manufacturer, a little goes a long way in slowing down and reversing the effects of climate change.

Sign Up For Conservation Runs and Marathons.

Charity events like conservation runs raise funds that go towards efforts such as reforestation and rehabilitation projects. Signing up for eco-friendly runs is a thoughtful way of giving back to nature while staying in shape. Check your local region for any eco-events and remember to only use refillable water bottles. Some events may organize community cleanup projects and awareness campaigns that are equally effective.

Recycle or Donate Unwanted Running Shoes.

The manufacture of a pair of running shoes generates about 30 pounds worth of CO2 emissions or enough energy to keep one 100-watt bulb on for a week. That said, it is always recommended to find shoe recycling options or donation centers near you for all your unwanted running shoes. Here’s why you shouldn’t toss out your running shoes along with the trash;

  • Materials and pigments used in the manufacture of running shoes persist in the environment for a long time and hardly decompose. A considerable part of the said chemicals and pigments leak into and contaminate soil and water.
  • A large portion of unwanted clothing and shoe items end up in landfills whereupon incineration release gases that are both harmful to the environment and pose risks to animal and human health.

Donating unwanted pairs of running shoes keeps them out of landfills and lengthens their service life. At GotSneakers, we have stopped over 2 million pairs of sneakers from ending up in landfills while recycling and reusing them. Once your sneakers have hit their maximum miles from your runs, send them to us and we will pay you for your sneakers!


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