Cruelty-Free Kicks: Replace Your Old Sneakers with These Brands

It’s easier than ever to find sneakers made from sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled and vegan materials. When you’re ready for a new pair, check out these brands for some eye-catching cruelty-free styles.


Family owned and operated since 2005, Australian brand Etiko uses vegan and ethically sourced materials for all its shoes and supports labor rights to ensure all employees receive reasonable wages. The company is committed to transparency and is happy to answer customers’ questions about its products and practices. Etiko sneakers are available online and at various retailers around the world.

Matt & Nat

A brand name derived from “materials and nature” is reflective of this company’s manufacturing practices. Since 2007, Matt & Nat has produced vegan fashion items using a variety of recycled materials, including plastic bottles, rubber, cork, and even cardboard. Their line of shoes and sneakers incorporates these materials, as well as vegan “leather” to provide a luxurious look without the use of animal skins.


At Native, the motto is “live lightly.” With a focus on innovative, sustainable and original products made from alternative materials, this company produces a wide range of unique styles. Forced labor practices are never used in the making of Native’s products, and working hours and wages of all employees are regulated to support fair treatment. From bright and bold to sleek and classic, you can find footwear for your active lifestyle at Native.


If you’re looking for sneakers with high-end fashion, look no further than Veja. This French company incorporates biodegradable, repurposed and upcycled materials into its shoes, and its catalog includes a completely vegan line. You can find these sneakers on Veja’s website and at retailers in major cities worldwide.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

You’ll find more than sneakers at this UK company, which was founded in 2012 to produce vegan fashion items. Will’s Vegan Shoes follows the health, safety and employment laws of the EU to protect its employees and uses materials certified by the Vegan Society. Only eco-friendly vegan leather appears in the company’s products, and every insole is crafted from recycled rubber. Will’s also eschews plastic and uses carbon-neutral practices from production to shipping.

What Should You Do with Your Old Sneakers?

Don’t toss your previous pair of sneakers once your cruelty-free replacement arrives! Consider starting a shoe drive with GotSneakers to gather up new and gently used pairs from around the community and send them to people in need around the world.

You can get great sneakers and step out in style without supporting practices with which you disagree. Choose your favorite fashions guilt-free when you shop these and other ethical sneaker brands!


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