Researching Fashion Brands That are Sustainable

The sustainability movement in the fashion industry aims to reduce clothing waste and environmental pollution. In addition to this, doubling down on the ethical treatment of industry workers. The goal is to develop more socially and environmentally conscious production practices. Research has shown that consumers will pay more for sustainable fashion trends, which puts you at the forefront of the sustainability agenda.

Here’s what to look out for:

All Natural and Recycled Materials.

A huge part of the sustainability movement involves cutting down on synthetic fabrics and materials whose very production poses a risk to the environment. Focus on fashion brands that rely more on recycled fabrics and natural alternatives. The benefits of recycling in the fashion industry include:

  • Fewer unwanted clothes and shoes end up in landfills which is in itself a big win for the environment. Synthetic fibers, plastics, and dyes do not decompose and release toxic gases when incinerated.
  • Lessened energy and water consumption.
  • Reduced demand for synthetic dyes and pigments.

Natural fabrics such as organic cotton, pineapple leather, hemp fiber, and more are the future. As fashion brands continually push boundaries in textile innovation, sustainability has been a major driving factor in recent years. The good news is, the days of “fast fashion” are slowly but surely coming to an end.

Fair Trade Practices.

The rule of thumb is if a company doesn’t pay its workers fair wages or isn’t mindful of their welfare, chances are, environmental protection isn’t a top priority. In the broader context, fair trade practices are part and parcel of the whole sustainability agenda. Fair-trade practices ensure healthy relationships between fashion brands and their workers; a sure-fire sign that sustainable production methods and standards are at play. So next time you check in to your favorite fashion store, think about what was put in to make your item.

Is Your Favorite Fashion Brand Involved in any Philanthropic Initiatives?

Any self-respecting business knows that giving back to “green initiatives” goes a long way in driving the sustainability agenda. Is your favorite shoe brand helping fund reforestation projects? The idea is not just simply giving to charity but rather giving to causes aimed at lessening or reversing the impact of manufacturing on the environment. The best part is that with increasing environmental awareness, more fashion brands are donating to conservation charities which are having a positive multiplier effect.


Now more than ever is an important time to establish how committed your favorite brands are to sustainable fashion. By making better-informed purchase decisions you stand to potentially drive change in the fashion industry and consequently the environment.


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