7 Ways to Get Your Supporters Motivated for Your Next Sneaker Drive

Hosting a sneaker drive fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization. However, it’s not always easy to motivate people to give. Try these seven easy ways to inspire your supporters for a successful fundraising campaign.

1.Emphasize Immediacy

Sometimes all your supporters need is the assurance their actions matter. Using words like “make a positive impact now” or “contribute your sneakers today today” convey a sense of urgency and show people they don’t have to wait to do something to improve another person’s life.

2.Set Milestones

Supporters keep their eyes on organizations with clear goals. People are more likely to contribute if they see you’re very close to hitting a milestone and need just a little more help to make it. Add excitement with the promise of a reward when the goal is reached. An ice cream party, hot chocolate delivery, casual day at work or other inexpensive rewards can make the difference you need!

3.Focus on Emotions

One of the primary reasons people give is because it feels good. Appeal to the joy of helping others and the personal fulfillment resulting from the action of contributing their sneakers.

4.Personalize the Campaign

When promoting your sneaker drive, use photos featuring just one person. This creates a strong connection with supporters on the fence about contributing. They feel motivated to act when they see someone with whom they feel they can identify with.

5.Talk it Up

Discuss your sneaker drive with friends, family and co-workers, emphasizing the dual impact collecting sneakers can make. Mention the success of previous fundraisers, and don’t be shy about pointing out how many unused pairs of sneakers tend to sit around in closets instead of being used for a good cause.

6.Get Social

Social media increases your reach and has the potential to boost engagement among supporters. Post pictures of the bags of sneakers you’ve collected in the past, and challenge people to help you beat previous records. As new contributions start coming in, give shout-outs to your most generous supporters.

7.Communicate Your Purpose

In every conversation and piece of promotional material related to your fundraiser, be clear about your objectives. People want to know what kind of impact they’re making and how the simple act of contributing a pair of shoes can change a life.

When you’re open and straightforward about your campaign, people feel connected to your cause and are motivated to give. Employ these strategies during your next sneaker drive, and you’ll see the contributions “stroll” right in.


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