4 Tips for Spotting a Sustainable Company

We all know that we can help the environment by recycling our plastics and drinking from reusable water bottles. However, most of us have been doing these things for years and yet the environment is still suffering from too much waste. Many people are seeing that while individual actions can help, it’s most important that the big companies we buy from do their part since they are much bigger contributors to environmental waste.

If you want to shop with sustainable brands, we’ve rounded up a list of tips:

Look out for Standards and Certifications

There are several certifications you can use to determine whether a fashion brand is sustainable. Some affiliations you’d want to be on the lookout for include;

  • Fair Trade Certified.
  • Fair Trade International Standards.
  • Global Organic Textile Standards.
  • Global Recycling Standards.

If your preferred fashion brand/s comply with or are certified with the above standards you can feel good knowing you’re shopping with a company that is doing its part.

Evaluate Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

Two of the above certifications focus on fair trade, which encompasses how a brand treats its workers, how their raw materials are sourced, and the impact the company has on the community it’s working in.

Chances are if a company offers poor compensation to its staff, offers little or no welfare programs for its workers, and strips the community of its natural resources without giving back, then environmental ethics are not at the top of its list.

Keep Tabs on the Sustainability Conversation Online

In this digital age, access to information is easier than ever. With a quick Google search, questions surrounding a brand’s operations can be answered.

For example, just saying “is Nike sustainable” will bring up a wealth of information about the company’s sustainability practices. You can replace “Nike” with just about any brand name and get all the information you need to shop sustainably.

Just Ask

Who’s to stop you from asking if a product you intend to purchase has been sustainably manufactured? Just send them a DM, comment on a social media post, or send an email.

A sustainable company will have no objections to providing all the information you need about their production methods. Most companies would be eager to discuss with you and show off their sustainability achievements.

If a brand or company isn’t so forthcoming with information about their operations, there’s a likelihood they aren’t sustainable. Transparency is the name of the game.

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