Why Recycled Shoes are Needed Around the World

Have you ever wondered what happens to shoes collected during fundraising drives? They are cleaned up and brought to areas of the world where people often go without footwear due to poverty or lack of access.

Since shoes are so easy to come by in the U.S., it can be hard to imagine some people have never owned a pair. However, over 600 million people around the world spend their days walking from place to place without shoes. Getting footwear, even in a used condition, improves comfort, boosts self-esteem and makes basic life activities easier in many ways.

Improving Global Health

Billions of people in impoverished nations suffer from preventable diseases and infections, some of which are contracted due to a lack of shoes.

Walking barefoot every day in areas where human waste isn’t properly handled puts natives at risk for infection from parasitic worms often found in contaminated soil.

Called soil-transmitted helminth infections, these conditions can create physical and cognitive problems in children and often result in nutritional deficiencies. By simply wearing shoes, it’s possible to reduce or eliminate the risk of contracting soil parasites.

Access to Education

A good education is required to excel in society and move on to a better quality of life in adulthood. Children in nations where shoes aren’t easy to come by are often deprived of this opportunity because school dress codes or uniforms require proper footwear.

Imagine not being able to send your kids off to school because they lacked an essential item many other people take for granted. The shoes you might otherwise toss in the trash could mean the difference between a child getting much-needed schooling or remaining in poverty.

Instead of throwing out your old shoes and letting them sit in a landfill for the next several decades, why not participate in a fundraising drive? This one simple act can make a world of difference in the life of someone in need.

Getting Started

If you would like to host a sneaker drive fundraiser please contact GotSneakers today.

We’ll supply you with everything you need for a successful fundraiser. You’ll receive flyers and digital marketing materials that can be used to promote your drive as well as sealable collection bags to keep your sneakers organized and ready for pickup. We’ll even pick up the sneakers from your location.

Once we process them at our warehouse we’ll provide written confirmation of the totals and pay for you for every pair of wearable sneakers collected!

If some sneakers are too worn out and are in unwearable condition they will be sent to a recycling program that will repurpose the sneaker material into new products that benefit communities in the United States.

Start your sneaker drive fundraiser today!


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