Ideas for Halloween This Year

Spooky season is here, and we’ve come up with some fang-tastic sneaker ideas this Halloween. Put on your shoes and get ready to scream with delight by helping the planet go green.

Haunted Nature Trail

Host a fundraiser at a local park at night and invite attendees to go on a nature walk.  Let your fellow fundraiser goers know they can bring any old sneakers they’ve been wanting to get rid of. Before or after the nature walk, you can provide them with an information session about the importance of recycling sneakers and how they can go about doing so.

Say Boo to Your Shoe

Host a 5k race where everyone dresses up as ghosts. Attendees can either walk, light jog, or run. Whatever their preference is and feel most comfortable doing. Attendees must also bring at least one pair of pre-owned sneakers they don’t want anymore. Each pair will get recycled for a greater sustainable cause.

Sneaker Lanterns

Invite your community out to carve pumpkins in the shape of sneakers. You can let your attendees know to bring a pair of sneakers that they’ve been wanting to get rid of or can’t fit anymore and recycle them. At the end of the fundraiser, you can light up all the sneak-o-lanterns.


Put together a candy drive to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters at local schools and non-profit organizations throughout the community. Attendees will need to bring a bag of candy of their choice and a pair or pairs of used sneakers they don’t want anymore. Each pair will get recycled to impact the environment in a great way.

Scary Sneaks

During Halloween, some people like to dress up in costumes with make-up, wigs, props and more. You can host a Halloween costume party fundraiser that requires all participants to wear Halloween costumes with sneakers. A couple of costume ideas can be an athlete, pop singer, hip-hop artist, and more. On the invitations, let your guests know if they have any sneakers they’ve outgrown, or don’t want any more they can bring their pairs to the fundraiser for recycling.

Sneakers, Scary Stories & S’mores

Host a bonfire fundraiser and get marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make s’mores. You and your attendees can enjoy making s’mores while exchanging scary stories about vampires, witches, goblins and more. Inform your attendees to bring any old sneakers they don’t want or need so they can be recycled.

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