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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions we encounter about our sneaker drive program.

  • What is a sneaker drive fundraiser?

    A sneaker drive fundraiser is a fun and easy way to raise money by collecting used and new sneakers.

  • Does it cost anything to start a sneaker drive fundraiser campaign?

    Starting a sneaker drive fundraiser campaign with GotSneakers is 100% free.

  • How do I sign up to get started?

    Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and you’ll be redirected to the registration page to complete your signup. If you don’t complete the sign up form on the registration page, don’t worry, you’ll receive an email from us in 24 hours with more information about our program and a link to the registration page so you can sign up then.

  • How long should I run my sneaker drive?

    All sneaker drive campaigns with GotSneakers are automatically set up for 12-months.

  • Can I end or extend my sneaker drive?

    Yes. You’ll be notified by email before your anniversary date and will be given an opportunity to renew your sneaker drive campaign. To end your campaign, opt out of any GotSneakers support email notifications.

  • What types of footwear does GotSneakers accept?

    GotSneakers’ sneaker drive fundraising program is designed to motivate our sneaker recycling community towards the collection of wearable, reusable athletic sneakers. We kindly ask our sneaker recycling partners to NOT send any non-athletic footwear including but not limited to boots, heels, sandals, and dress shoes of any kind. Your compensation will be based on specific styles and quality. Please see link to our footwear and compensation guidelines for further details.

  • Is GotSneakers a for-profit or non-profit organization?

    GotSneakers is a for-profit, for-cause social enterprise.

  • What happens to the footwear after it’s received by GotSneakers?

    All footwear is counted and sorted at one of our regional sortation facilities. It is categorized based on size, style, and condition and subsequently packed for distribution around the world, primarily to micro-enterprises in impoverished countries such as Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ukraine.

  • Do I need to collect a certain number of sneakers?

    No, there are no quantity requirements; however, a GotSneakers shipping bag holds approximately 15-20 pair of sneakers. We ask that you wait to ship your collection until you have at least one full bag of sneakers.

  • What percent of sneakers are typically “unwearable”?

    Approximately 12% of GotSneakers collections are categorized as unwearable footwear. Unwearable footwear is usually recycled into new products such as tracks, playgrounds, and other athletic surfaces.

  • What types of organizations does GotSneakers work with?

    GotSneakers works with individuals and both for-profit and non-profit organizations across the United States from a wide variety of industries. A few of our most common industry partners are Education, Health Care, Health & Fitness, Not For Profit, Recreation & Community, Religious, and Retail. We also work with Individual Contributors who are looking to raise money for themselves or another individual.

  • Can I set up a multi-site campaign?

    Yes, GotSneakers encourages multi-site collections. Typically, multiple locations and community partnerships collect larger amounts of sneakers.

  • What condition should the sneakers be in?

    Please see our footwear and compensation guidelines for complete details about styles and conditions.

  • Do you accept single shoes?

    No. We do not accept single shoes.

  • What happens if I don’t reach my sneaker collection goal?

    Sneaker Collection Goals are used for motivation and a sense of ownership. There is no penalty for not achieving your campaign goal.

  • Can individuals participate in a sneaker drive fundraiser or is the program only for organizations?

    Yes, individuals are encouraged to participate in a sneaker drive fundraiser.

  • How can I locate the nearest drop off location?

    At this time, we do not provide information for nearby drop off locations. If you would like to contribute your unwanted footwear and/or set up a collection campaign, you are welcome to sign up by registering at Sign Up Form. Once we receive your signup, we will ship you collection bags with pre-paid shipping labels to conveniently ship your sneakers to us. All shipping is FREE.

  • Can I raise money on behalf of a charity?

    Yes, absolutely. We encourage fundraising for all types of charities.

  • Can I raise money for myself?


  • Can I select the country that I want the sneakers shipped to?

    No, not at this time. We are looking into different ways to incorporate this feature into our program in the future.

  • What does GotSneakers do with shoes that are not wearable?

    Unwearable footwear is usually recycled into new products such as tracks, playgrounds, and other athletic surfaces.

  • Does GotSneakers issue a tax receipt?

    No. GotSneakers is a for-profit, for-cause company and cannot issue tax receipts.

  • How soon can I start a sneaker drive?

    Your sneaker drive will begin on the start date that you select when filling out the Sign Up Form.

  • Are cleats acceptable?

    Yes, rubber soccer cleats and rubber baseball cleats are acceptable. Please see link to our footwear and compensation guidelines for complete details about accepted styles and conditions of footwear.

  • What type of marketing materials does GotSneakers provide?

    GotSneakers provides one free starter kit per location. The Starter Kit includes five shipping bags with pre-labeled and pre-paid shipping labels. GotSneakers will also provide a digital welcome package via email, which includes downloadable marketing content for email and social media, footwear guidelines, compensation guidelines, and shipping instructions.

  • Does GotSneakers provide customer support?

    Yes, GotSneakers provides 24/7 support by email. If you have questions, email support@gotsneakers.com.

  • Does GotSneakers accept canvas style footwear?

    GotSneakers only accepts Converse All Stars. Please see our footwear and compensation guidelines for complete details about accepted styles and conditions of footwear.

Shipping Questions

  • How do I ship my sneakers back to GotSneakers?

    GotSneakers has partnered with UPS to provide FREE shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States. After you sign up, you will receive detailed instructions explaining the different options to conveniently ship your sneakers. For further assistance with shipping, please email us at ship@gotsneakers.com

  • Do I have to pay for shipping?

    No, all shipping is FREE! GotSneakers provides pre-labeled and pre-paid shipping labels with all sneaker collection bags.

  • What happens when I run out of collection bags?

    Email ship@gotsneakers.com with your request for more bags. Please include your account name, shipping address, and your anticipated collection quantity so we can determine how many bags you need.

  • How many pairs of sneakers fit into each bag?

    Each bag can fit approximately 15-20 pair of adult sneakers. If you have smaller kids sneakers, you will be able to fit more into each bag. We kindly ask that you do not ship bags with less than 15 pairs.

  • What should I do with unused bags?

    Please do not ship any unused bags to GotSneakers. If you have unused bags, we kindly ask that you continue collecting until you have a full bag to ship. If you are finished with your campaign and you want to send any unused bags to GotSneakers, please place all unused bags into a full bag with sneakers so GotSneakers is not charged for shipping empty materials.

  • How often should I ship my sneakers?

    You can ship your collected sneakers as often as you would like as long as your bags are full. Feel free to ship one bag at a time or all of your bags at once, whatever is most convenient for you.

  • How long does it take for GotSneakers to receive the sneakers?

    Shipments are typically received within three to five business days from the date they are shipped.

  • How do I know my sneakers have been delivered?

    GotSneakers will send a Payment and Summary email with your sneaker collection results on or before the 15th of every month with the previous month’s shipment arrivals letting you know what was received and how much money was earned. You can also track each of your shipments by inputing your tracking number from each shipping label into UPS’s Online Tracking System.

Payment Questions

  • How much do I earn for every pair of sneakers collected?

    GotSneakers offers up to $3.00 for every pair of wearable athletic sneakers collected through our social fundraising program. Your compensation will depend on the style and quality of the footwear you send. Please see our footwear and compensation guidelines for complete details about accepted styles and conditions of footwear.

  • Does GotSneakers pay for other types of footwear? If so, how much?

    Please see our footwear and compensation guidelines for complete details about accepted styles and conditions of footwear.

  • When will I receive payment after I ship my sneakers?

    You will receive payment in the form of an e-check by the 15th day of every month for all shipment arrivals that were received and processed during the previous month.

  • How will I receive payment after I ship my sneakers?

    All payments are made via e-check on or before the 15th of every month for all collection bags received and processed during the previous month. You will receive two (2) emails sent to the registered payee email during sign-up:

    1. Payment summary with monthly footwear collection totals.
    2. E-check that needs to be printed and deposited just like a regular check.

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